Lego Ideas Voltron Defender of the Universe set

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Lego Ideas Voltron Defender of the Universe set

Box is big! Measures roughly 19 x 15 x 4.75 inches.

I think this is the first time the finish product’s dimensions are listed on the box?

Black Lion

Clever tail design.

The hind legs are… weird to look at.

Red Lion

The head is on a dual ball joint.

Shoulders are on a ball joint.

I like the tail design here too.

Green Lion

Blue Lion

Unlike the arm lions, the leg lions run on “peg and slot” connections for their legs.

Tail design.

Yellow Lion

Voltron Force


The brainchild of Malaysia-based Filipino Leandro Tayag, a.k.a. len_d69, this Lego Ideas project got greenlit by hitting 10,000 supporters in just 3 weeks! For the full interview with the designer, kindly go here:
Link to the Lego Ideas interview

Assembling the whole thing took me roughly about 8-9 hours total. Sadly, the set does not come with any accessories for the lions (Leandro’s original design came with the Jaw Blades) and the lions have lost some of their articulation (the submitted models showed the lions being capable of turning their heads more freely), but I guess it is what it is. I wonder if Mr. Tayag ever released a blueprint of what pieces he used to make the weapons and how give the lions their missing articulation?

Voltron stands roughly 16 inches tall, but factoring in the wings, it’s more like 17.5 inches.

Due to the nature of Lego Voltron’s weight, the figure has zero leg articulation. Everything is locked in place. Particularly the Black Lion. The other lions have a modest amount of leg movement.

Clever how they worked the eyes in. But I have to say I don’t like the gap on Voltron’s forehead. I wish they used black plastic instead of gray so that the gap doesn’t stick out that much.

The design includes the use of rubberized tires at the soles of Voltron’s feet, to allow for better traction.

I laughed out when I realized this cross-wrench tool would form the center cross of Voltron’s chest.

Stickers are included to recreate the vintage toy look for the lions, I just opted to leave them off.

The hands don’t really open up to grip anything. It’s more a “peg and slot” mechanism at work here.

You can’t rotate the hands around either.

Voltron’s elbows

The elbow articulation works on a hinge concept. You don’t get any swivel rotation on the arms sadly.

Form Spinning Laser Blades!

Form Blazing Sword!

The weigh in:
-Black Lion – 626 Grams
-Red Lion – 144 Grams
-Green Lion – 137 Grams
-Blue Lion – 301 Grams
-Yellow Lion – 304 Grams
-Voltron – 1511 Grams

Overall, a pretty impressive set. The final combined form does make one stand and notice it on the shelf, all thanks to its immense size and colors. I do wish Lego included the weapons and kept some of the original articulation for the lions. But still, it’s all good. I was fortunate to come across one at a very good price (thanks again, Jasper D de Lumen!).


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