Lego – The Simpson’s House

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Lego – The Simpson’s House Playset

Box is huge!!! Measures roughly 23×19 x 5 Inches.

Bags… so many bags…

This set boasts an impressive 2523 pieces and was made to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the show.

742 Evergreen Terrace

Once assembled, the house roughly measures 9”x 9”x16”. It took me roughly 10.5 Hours to fully build this whole thing. Still, as impressive as it is, I can’t help but think that the easily-removable roof could be done a bit better and the rooms do seem a little cramped.

I also wish it came with a mat or base to simulate the lawn of the house. I guess I’ll have to try my luck at the next Brickfast for the mat. Big thanks to Earl for the help with this one. .

The garage

Homer’s car (I wonder if we’ll ever see Marge’s station wagon?)


From what I understand, you can put everyone inside except for Bart..? Not enough space.

Opening trunk. I didn’t expect that…

As cool as this is (it’s even got the trademark “dent” on the left side). I can’t help but feel that the lack of a roof on the car really takes it down a few notches.

The house opens up into a cross section, thanks to hinges in the design.

The second floor of the right wing (Bart’s room) of the house is not locked in. So you can open that up to play around with the living room.

Living room. Comes with TV (with Itchy and Scratchy “screen” sticker), telephone and Marge’s vaccum cleaner.

The other “half” of the living room comes with the piano set.

Kitchen and dining room

The dining area actually comes with a whole lot of utensils. I just didn’t have the time to properly lay them out though. .

Bart’s room

Lisa’s room

There’s also a magnifying glass prop in the shelves. .

Maggie’s room (an extension of the Master’s bedroom?)

Master’s (Homer and Marge’s) bedroom… Kinda small… and the least interesting part of the house.

The bathroom

Lol… it even comes with a plastic roll of “toilet paper”…

Outside (I really, have to hunt down a proper “lawn” for this set)

Ramp for Bart’s skateboard.

Gardening set for Marge and of course we get Ned Flanders.



Barbecue set for Homer

Lawn chairs and glasses with cherries for Marge

Of course, who can forget this running gag. .

Other accessories

Homer – Briefcase and radioactive rod.

Lisa – A+ report card

Comparison with the single pack figures (Single pack figs on the left)

I kind of wish they gave us the better heads with the set instead. The heads that came with the set all look weird (except for Maggie.. she’s the superior version vs. the single version). Especially Marge. It’s awkward to pose her next to Flanders without it looking like she’s got something “improper” on her mind.

It’s been a looooooong time since I played with Lego. After messing around with Kreos, I really have to say, the quality of Lego speaks for itself. Kreos sometimes are a pain to snap into place. I’m happy to say I didn’t have one moment of anything like that here. Lego really knows their stuff.

For the curious, the whole house weighs 1905 Grams, almost 2kg.

The Simpsons.


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