Machine Robo GoBots

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Bandai vintage Machine Robo MR-07 (GoBots Turbo)
Bandai vintage Machine Robo MR-16 (GoBots Scooter)
Bandai vintage Machine Robo MR-13 (GoBots Hans-Cuff)
Bandai vintage Machine Robo MR-20 (GoBots Crasher)

Man, to think Machine Robo toys only used to cost 600 Yen back in the 80s…

MR-07 (GoBots Turbo)

Second in Command of the heroic Guardians, Turbo brings the muscle to the group.

In the Machine Robo series, this character is just a background extra. I think there’s actually more than one of him in the show, as in one episode he was shown to be clearly melted into a puddle of goo, yet a few episodes later, he’s walking around again. Lol…

Unlike Transformers, GoBots don’t use guns, they just fire energy bolts from their hands.

Sigh, this figure has seen some action, it’s really hard to find a decent non-damaged Turbo figure nowadays due to how easy this figure paint chips.


MR-16 (GoBots Scooter)

The “child identification” character of the show, Scooter was the third “main stay” heroic character of the show. While he couldn’t fire energy bolts from his hands, he had the unique ability to project holograms to fool the Renegades.

This little fella is the whole reason why I got this set. He’s pristine and in awesome condition, too bad the rest of the lot isn’t in the same shape.

MR-13 (GoBots Hans-Cuff)

A heroic GoBot cop. I don’t really recall much from this character in the show.

Wow… now here’s a figure that’s been through some serious action. I guess that’s the problem with purchasing bundled lots.

MR-20 (GoBots Crasher)

One of the main villains in the series, Crasher is a psychotic female GoBot, loyal to Cy-Kill and the Renegade cause.

The original Japan version was white while the USA version was redone in black and red colors (still retaining the same face though). The images of the auction didn’t indicate the degree of yellowing on this toy that clearly. It looks worse in hand, sadly.

This figure usually suffers from difficulty in maintaining its robot mode, due to the lack of locking mechanisms for its legs when fully extended.

Whew… I’ll try to hunt down the rest of the main stay characters of the US series when I can, since they’re only 6 that really care about and 3 are already on this page. Hopefully I can chance upon pristine condition ones like Scooter in this group.


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