Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 BluRay set

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Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 BluRay set

Personally I think they dropped the packaging design with this. They should have put some sort of addtional padding or plastic sheet on the back of the tray, as is, it just leaves a lot of scratches on the case. And this was direct from

The front of the case lights up when you push the button, alternately, it also lights up when you open the case.


The cube “pulses” when you shake it. Remember to remove the batteries if you plan to store this. Batteries come included and installed.

This button panel is solid and the buttons do not depress. .

To get to the batteries remove the whole panel and unscrew the battery cover.

The BluRays

Top Secret folders and dossiers

Awesome lenticular card

The SHIELD Agent folder

Avengers dossiers

Captain America’s folder

Steve Roger’s Medical report. Lol.. how is Steve still alive before having the Super Soldier serum??

Photos, drawings and Coulson’s trading cards.

Ironman’s folder

Anyone remember this from the scene in the movie? .

(Howard) Stark Expo

Blueprints for the Arc Reactor as drawn up by Howard Stark in the second movie.

Thor’s folder (even has Thor’s medical bracelet)

Lol.. this made me smile when I first saw them. Donald Blake’s driver’s license. Nice touch. .

Hulk’s folder

The blueprints are for the Hulkbuster Sonic cannon jeep. The Pingo Doce label is from a drink in one of the scenes where we get the Stan Lee cameo. This drink will also be popping up as an Easter egg in the upcoming Ant Man film. .

This set is sooooo epic! I’m glad I preordered this from Amazon back in the day. It ran for about $170. Considering it has all the movies on BluRay format, the extra items and the case just totally makes it all even more worth it. I’m going to wait for the Cinematic Universe Phase 2 boxset before I grab any more of the DVD/BluRays of the newer Marvel films.


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