Marvel Legends 2 packs Series 3

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Marvel Legends 2 packs Series 3 (Toys R Us Exclusive)
-Warpath and Deadpool (regular and variants)
-Black Widow and Winter Soldier (regular and variants)
-Valkyrie and Hulk

Hulk and Valkyrie


Removable cape

Valkyrie’s sheath can’t be used to store her sword. Lame.

Her face is nicely sculpted, not as great as Black Widow, but certainly better than the older Toybiz female figures.

Valkyrie with Thor


Based off Ed Mcguiness’ style of art. The Hulk is a retool of the old Build A Figure Red Hulk.

Comparison with the Toybiz “Face-off 2pack” Hulk. I think I still prefer the Face-off figure.

There are no variants for this 2pack set.

Deadpool and Warpath



Comparison with old Toybiz Deadpool.

The new Hasbro figure looks way better compared to the Toybiz one, the Toybiz figure has more accessories though (plus Xmen figure, Doop was included with the Toybiz figure).

Warpath Variant

Knives can be stored in sheathes on his back.

Deadpool variant

Harness and sheathes are painted lighter than on the “normal” Deadpool.

Unlike the “normal” Deadpool, the variant’s gun is missing the painted logo.

Winter Soldier with Black Widow

Black Widow

Wrist-mounted Stingers.

Comparison with old Toybiz Black Widow. HUGE improvements IMHO.

Winter Soldier

Comes with removable sidearm pistol.

I really loved how they brought back “Bucky” from the dead, it was more readable than how DC brought back Jason Todd (Superboy Prime’s “reality-altering-punch”.. uggh..). Looking at the figures now, it’s pretty obvious how much Hasbro has improved in terms of sculpting over the past, even thought they tend to reuse parts a lot (Punisher’s pants on Winter Soldier).


Variant Black Widow.

Variant Black Widow comes with more paint details.

Variant Winter Soldier.

The “Star-mark” is different, this is essentially from Bucky’s time as a brainwashed Russian assassin.

Hair color is also different for the two figures.

My only real complaint about the new 2packs is how Hasbro’s cutting the corners. The new 2packs no longer have extra hands included. Too bad, as this really limits the poses on the Winter Soldier, since his left fists is closed and can’t hold any weapons.


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