Marvel Legends 2017 Human Torch

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Marvel Legends 2017 Human Torch

Like with the rest of the latest Marvel Legends Fantastic Four, Torch was released as a Walgreens exclusive.

I held off for the longest time getting this figure, since I just did not like the way the head is too orange compared to the rest of the body. But I eventually gave in since there doesn’t seem to be any older Torch figures that blend well with the rest of the newer F4 figures.

The flames on his back are removable, they’re just clipped on and not pegged into the back.

For accessories, Johnny comes with flame effects for his hands.

For the curious, yes, you can swap the Ben Reily head onto this body, it’s a bit of a tight fit but it is doable.

With this, we have the full Fantastic Four a la 2018!

Flame on!


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