Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Captain America

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Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Captain America

Captain America

Originally a frail, young man, Steve Rogers undergoes an experimental treatment to create “super soldiers” to fight the Axis powers in World War II. The experiment proves to be a success and Rogers becomes the iconic champion known as Captain America!

The figure is a retool of the 80th Anniversary version’s body with a classic paint deco and a new head.

There’s actually some mild cel-shading on this figure’s abs.

Since this is still the Marvel 80th Anniv. figure underneath, it still uses the “pinned” design for its elbow joints.

The set features an “unmasked” Steve Rogers head and an empty mask to hang around Cap’s neck.

Originally I passed on this set, since the eye holes on this figure just seemed so small and not what I was usually used to seeing in the comics (bigger eye holes for Cap’s mask). It was later on when a friend pointed out to me that this style was how Cap looked like when Jack Kirby drew the character on the cover of Tales of Suspense #74 back in the day. That quickly changed my mind and I ended up grabbing this figure.

With regards to Captain America’s shield, this time around, Hasbro changed up things up, adding holes so that effects parts can be plugged in.

The arm clip is still the same as it’s always been since the Toybiz days, though…

The shield easily pegs into Cap’s back as usual.

Cap comes with optional “harness straps” for “holding” his shield onto his back. These come equipped on the figure by default, they can be easily removed or attached by sliding them on or off from the back.

How Captain America should properly look with the shield on his back.

For the increased price that we’re paying for this, I really wish Hasbro included two shields with this set. The holes for the effects parts on this thing are just really glaring.

Take note of the design of the holes, each is unique, so don’t force the effects pieces in if they won’t fit.

“Bullet ricochet” effects parts.

Blocking “Electric attack” effects parts.

“Slash deflection” effects parts.

Cap also comes with a “saluting” right hand.

“When Captain America throws his mighty shield….”

Lastly, as with the other 20th Anniversary figures, this set features a display base with a cardboard backdrop. The printed backdrop is a throwback to the original Toybiz Marvel Legends Captain America display base accessory.

The backdrop has a reversible side.

Cool as it is, I REALLY wish they made this thing at least the size of an actual comic book. It’s just too small. If the backdrop was twice its size, it would be amazing to look at with Cap in there. As it is, it’s just disappointing.

Lastly, Cap comes with a pointing left hand, ‘coz that’s what leaders do.

Overall, a pretty amazing set. I really love the classic blue they used on this one more than the 80th Anniversary version, and the extra accessories are pretty good. What I don’t like about it are the new crazy SRP prices for the figures in this wave and the silly holes on the shield. I really wish Hasbro at least give us two different shields to work with. The new inflated price point more than covers for it. Sigh..


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