Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Toad

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Marvel Legends 20th Anniversary Toad

Mortimer Toynbee is a mutant possessing superhuman tongue and leg strength. Naming himself Toad, he later joins Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Suffering from a massive inferiority complex, Toad served his master blindly, even while Magneto constantly verbally abused the poor mutant.

The figure actually sports “drop-down” hips, allowing wider range of motion for his legs.

Aside from his strong leaping abilities, Toad is able to extend his tongue up to 25 feet long, it can also excrete sticky saliva to ensnare victims. His tongue is so strong, it is even capable of crushing those he captures with it.

As a part of this power set, thanks to sticky pads on his hands and feet, Toad can stick to almost any surface, similar to Spider-man.

Toad also comes with some err.. toads.

Another secret power Toad has is that he can actually psionically communicate with amphibian life, using them as spies for gaining knowledge against his foes, such as the X-men.

Finally, the set comes with a backdrop and display base for the figure, just like the rest of the 20th Anniversary wave.

Overall, a pretty decent figure. However, given the increased price of the figure (just like the rest of the wave), I expected more accessories. I suppose the real downside is that most folks were hoping for the original vintage design of Toad during his earlier days with the Brotherhood, instead we got this version based on his look around 1990s. It’s a far-contrasting design featuring a more slender physique compared to his original, bloated look from 1964.

If you’re trying to recreate the original classic Brotherhood team, I think the original Toybiz Toad from 20 years ago still fits in better?

I think I’ll hold off on doing a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants group shot until we get the updated Blob figure.


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