Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Stealth Iron Man 2019

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Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Stealth Iron Man 2019

A redeco of the Iron Man Model-Prime Mark 51 in “stealth blue” colors. I’m honestly not sure if this actually came out in the comics. Supposedly, Iron Man used this suit to fight some ninjas sent to kill him?

The original Model-Prime featured nanotechnology, which meant that the armor could be reshaped into any form needed (similar to the Mark 50 in the MCU movies). It’s even capable of reforming into a Hulk-buster sized unit on the go. This armor would later fall into the hands of Doctor Doom, who repurposed it to continue Stark’s legacy after the latter’s apparent “death”.

Standard issue repulsor effects included

Since the bio on the back of the package mentions Iron Man going up against ninjas, I guess a laser sword is a must have.

Too bad this figure didn’t come with shoulder butterfly joints, so it could hold the sword with both hands. Oh, well.


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