Marvel Legends Antman Cassie Lang Wave

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Marvel Legends Antman Cassie Lang Wave

Ant-man (Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania)
Wasp (Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania)
Kang the Conqueror (Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania)
Future Ant-man
Cassie Lang (Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania)

Ant-man (Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania)

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Scott Lang writes an autobiography and becomes a local celebrity. He spends his days still going on adventures with Hope van Dyne (Wasp) while trying to raise his teenage daughter, Cassie.

At first I thought this figure was a reuse of the older Ant-man bodies. I never realized the costume had changed so much from the previous designs. The head is still a reused head from two-pack with Yellowjacket from the “First Ten Years” ML subline, though.

Alternate helmeted head included.

The legs can be a bit hard to pose, since there’re no swivel cuts below the thigh line.

There’s also no waist joint for Scott, just an upper torso ball joint.

Thanks to Hasbro’s “Digital Face Print” technology, the paint on the face is much, much more detailed compared to the previous one. I think the base sculpt is the same as the previous release, only with better print this time.

For some reason, the figure comes with a “pointing” right hand.

“Attack, my ants!”

The “little guy” who helped saved the world after the Thanos “Snap”.

Wasp (Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania)

Hope van Dyne now heads the Pym van Dyne Foundation, which oversees the use of Pym Particles in humanitarian aid. Hope still spends a lot of time with her partner Scott Lang on superhero adventures from time to time.

To get her “Wasp-sized” look right, you’re going to have to swap around her backpack with her winged one.

I really love the little design details that went into her suit in this movie.

Sadly, same as with Scott, her legs don’t have any swivels after the thigh area, making it hard to get her into some action poses sometimes.

Hope is sporting a new, shorter hairdo in this movie. Hasbro’s “Digital Face Print” technology really does a great job capturing the likeness of actress Evangeline Lily here. It’s a huge improvement over the previous “ponytailed” version from Avengers: Endgame.

Heh… “Tinkerbell”. It’s important to note that Hope’s wings only manifest when she’s shrunk down. She doesn’t have wings when she’s full-sized. So technically, you can’t pose her with her wings on and then have her helmet off.

As usual, Wasp comes with “stinger blast” gauntlets mounted on her wrists. I will never understand why Ant-man’s suit hasn’t adopted flight abilities or projectile weaponry when the technology is clearly there.

Using a third-party display stand to get some more mileage out of this figure.

In the movie, Scott and Hope are pretty happy where they are without any terrible personal dramas. It’s nice to see some of our heroes get some happiness in their lives.

Ant-man and the Wasp.

Kang the Conqueror (Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania)

An exiled multiversal warlord, Kang is trapped in the Quantum Realm by his other variants and needs Pym Particles to shrink down his ship’s power core, which Janet van Dyne had previously enlarged to prevent Kang’s escape.

I gotta say, I love how the movie decided to explain Kang’s “blue face” as part of his costume’s protective gear. I just always assumed Kang’s face was just blue for no reason.

Unfortunately, Kang’s costume design pretty much kills most of the articulation, from the “skirt”…

.. to the upper gear, it blocks lots of range of movement for this figure.

It’s a shame Hasbro didn’t include the “He Who Remains” head from the Disney+ wave head for this figure. They already have the tooling for it. That would’ve been a nice bonus for this.

In one draft of the movie that was shot for the alternate ending, Scott and Hope wind up getting trapped in the Quantum universe in order to stop Kang. I guess they dropped that ending in favor of a more “hopeful” one in the final cut of the film.


An advanced form of artificial intelligence created by Hank Pym, Ultron becomes self-aware and plans to create world peace by eradicating all of humanity. Housing his main programming in a robotic body made from highly durable alloy and armed with several technological weapons, along with creating dozens of lesser copies of himself to serve as his army, Ultron is nearly unstoppable.

The figure is a reuse of the same Ultron figure we got from the Ursula Major wave but with a new head and brighter silver tone.

Annoyingly, the plastic Hasbro used for this figure is really cheap, you can see the wavy lines from the poorly mixed plastic material. It’s a terrible eyesore.

Ultron comes with a “Kirby Krackle” effects part. Which is based on how legendary artist Jack Kirby often drew Ultron back in the day, usually with a strange energy “steam” manating from his mouth.

For some weird reason, the box front photos show the figure holding the crackle.. lol… why?? I guess the photographer didn’t know what the effects part was?

Easily, the weakest figure in the group. I get that Ultron has ties to Ant-man, but this really should’ve not been included in this wave, not when the last one was released just recently.


Elihas Starr is a scientist who specializes in robotics and engineering. While possessing no real powers or abilities, Elihas has operated as a criminal mastermind, often intentionally pitting his engineering skills against Ant-man in order to gain revenge for all the times the hero directly and indirectly defeated him.

I actually missed this little tidbit, it seems Elihas has actually already appeared in the MCU, he was Eva Starr’s father (Ghost) in “Ant-man and the Wasp”. He even appeared briefly in a flashback and was killed in the quantum experiment that gave his daughter her phasing powers.

The figure features new tooling for shoes. Thankfully, these new shoes help stand the figure up better than the previous designs.

Egghead comes with a “blaster pistol (that’s what it’s called at Wikipedia)” as his only accessory. Personally, I see it as an injection gun, but that’s just me.

Yeah, I can’t unsee actor Dan Aykroyd in the movie “Coneheads” here, either.


William Cross is a highly trained ex-CIA operative. Surviving an assassination attempt, Cross gains cybernetic implants and goes on to become a high-tech mercenary for hire. Specializing in ultrasonics and psychological warfare, Crossfire usually employs high-frequency brainwashing in his tactics to take down any superhero targets he sets his sights on.

In the comics, he is the cousin of Darren Cross (Yellowjacket).

The figure uses the older “pinned” Marvel Legends Body.

He comes with a sniper rifle, complete with strap.

Unfortunately, the strap length is too short! The thickness of the buck eats a lot of the length. The only way I got this to work was to thread the end into the trigger hole of the rifle instead of the proper slot for it.

Lol… I didn’t know who this character was until I looked him up for this wave, a lot of folks (myself included) just thought he looked like “Lifeline” from G.i. Joe.

“Firing” and “smoke” Effects parts are included for plugging into the barrel of the sniper rifle.

Future Ant-man

Zayn Asghar is the Ant-man from a desolated Earth-14831 in the year 2549. A brilliant scientist, he creates the “nano-swarm”, nanobots that resemble ants, which can create and reconfigure inorganic matter to anything he needs in mere seconds.

As Zayn is from the far future, time travel is already well-established and he can travel to any point of his Earth’s past. He eventually meets up with his favorite heroes, the Ant-men from various eras and they help him stop a powerful version of Ultron which had destroyed Zayn’s world in his present.

The figure doesn’t come with anything aside from the BAF piece, not even extra hands. But hey, at least the bottom of his feet are painted… lol.. Sigh…

Cassie Lang (Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania)

Scott Lang’s now-18-year old daughter. Formerly a lovable child in the first movie, Cassie Lang has grown up and begun tinkering with Hank Pym’s research. She builds a device that can establish contact with the Quantum Realm and sets off the chain of events that happen in the third movie.

While she’s never given a superhero name in the movie, in the comics, her codename is “Stature”.

Be mindful when attaching the arms to the torso, they seem hard to push in for some reason.

Same as with Ant-man and the Wasp, Cassie doesn’t have any swivels below her thigh joint.

She’s big! Just like in the movie’s last act, she enlarges herself almost as tall as her dad using Pym Particles. Cassie stands roughly 10 inches tall. It’s too bad we don’t get her “normal” sized version in the wave.

Lol.. Converse? It seems like all the MCU kids are wearing them, from Ms. Marvel, to Kate Bishop, to America Chavez. Subtle…

The likeness to actress Kathryn Newton is pretty good. Personally though, I prefer the previous actress who played Cassie, Emma Fuhrmann. She did a pretty good acting job in her “reunion” scene with Scott in Avengers: Endgame.

I can’t say I liked the way the character was written this time around. An activist-scientist? Plus her dialogue in the movie could’ve been done better. A far cry from the beloved character’s adorable appearance from the previous Ant-man films.

While it’s great that we get an unmasked head for Cassie, it makes no sense to have her like this, as she should be wearing her helmet when she’s enlarged to regulate her body’s functions, such as breathing.

Her ponytail can be rotated and even removed.

Heh… I would probably freak out too if I ever saw my daughter grow to this size.

The Full Wave


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