Marvel Legends Archangel 2018 version

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Marvel Legends Archangel 2018 version

Wow, I never thought I would actually buy this guy yet again. I was actually OK with the previous versions of this figure, up until I saw the colors up close and personal. I think the colors of this version follow the comics look best. So here I go again.

He’s a redeco of Archangel from the Hit Monkey wave. But this time, his colors match up to his first appearance after Apocalypse transformed Angel into a cybernetic Horseman of Death.

His wings can be removed and feature hinge joints.

Archangel from the Hit Monkey wave.

Hasbro included an unmasked head for this figure, but it’s actually a redeco of the Adam Warlock head from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Mantis wave.

Likewise for the “evil” head, which is a reuse of the Adam Warlock Magus head.

The third head is all new and is meant to be Archangel as the Horseman of Death under Apocalypse’s control.

The set also includes an optional claw arm for the Build-A-Figure Apocalypse.

The claw can be opened and closed.

Pretty cool. I wish it came with more accessories for his “master”, but at this point, any bonus is a bonus.


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