Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Black Knight and Sersi 2-pack

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Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Black Knight and Sersi 2-pack

Black Knight

Dane Whitman is the descendant of Sir Percy of Scandia. Bequeathed with the original Ebony blade by the spirit of Sir Percy himself, Dane becomes the latest Black Knight. He eventually becomes a member of the Avengers and following the events of Operation: Galactic Storm, Dane even becomes the leader of the team after Captain America leaves.

The figure reuses parts from the previously released Black Knight from the MCU Cull Obsidian wave.

Pinned joints.. naturally.

Sigh… thanks to the silly packaging, my Knight came with bent knees. Sheeze.. I haven’t seen that happen in a while.

Yeah, Black Knight still comes with his “angry” head from the older figure. I wish they gave him a more neutral expression this time around.

Instead of his usual iconic Ebony Blade, Black Knight comes with the Photon sword from his time during the Gatherers Saga.


A fourth-generation member of the superhumaniod race called the Eternals, Sersi has super strength, reflexes, durability, as well as increased longevity, allowing her to age slower than normal humans, even living for thousands of years and still looking young. She is also able to psionically transmutate matter on an atomic level, including living organisms, under the guise of “magic”.

The figure uses the same “bomber jacket” parts as “bomber jacket” Black Widow.

For some reason, Sersi doesn’t come with the Avengers logo on her jacket.

Yeah, I really can’t unsee actress Courtney Cox from her early years on “Friends” in this headsculpt either. Nicely done, Hasbro design team.

Accessories-wise, she comes with some effects parts. We’ve seen these before with MCU Captain Marvel.

It really is a shame we didn’t get an unmasked Black Knight head or an alternate “bandana-sporting” head for Sersi in this set.

Overall, not too shabby. It’s somewhat disappointing that we don’t get extra heads for these figures, given the higher price points on these two-packs nowadays. I like the “bomber jacket” Avengers line up we seem to be building up to and I do hope we get Crystal (and maybe a non-bearded Hercules?) down the road to complete the team.

The set was released as an Amazon Exclusive.


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