Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Black Widow

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Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Black Widow

A former Russian spy operative and previous Iron Man antagonist, Natalia Alianovna “Natasha” Romanova defects to the West and becomes a member of S.H.I.E.LD. and eventually becomes one of the most intergral member of the Avengers.

This set definitely has the most extra hands for any Black Widow figure ever released.

Thanks to the new and improved Marvel Legends female body design (particularly the hips and shoulder joints), this figure is also easily the most poseable Black Widow figure in the ML series.

She comes with an alternate head based on her 1970s “early days” hair style. Prior to her “all black suit” uniform, the Black Widow originally only wore a party dresses all the time in the Iron Man comics, as a deep cover spy usually seen attending social events and gathering information

The set comes with alternate stinger bracelets for Widow, featuring different effects parts.

Sadly, her hair design somewhat gets in the way of turning her head. This is probably the weakest head in the set for me.

My favorite head has to be this “modern” look.

I was really hoping to use this head for Cover Girl over in my G.i. Joe Classified collection, but apparently, the ball joints don’t quite match. The joint on Cover Girl is smaller than Widow’s, in effect causing the head to be a little loose on the Cover Girl buck. Ah, well… it still looks good I think.

Natasha also comes with two different sidearms.

Best of all, her guns come with “firing” and “smoking” effects parts.

Overall, an amazing release. I had originally planned on skipping this one since we’ve already gotten so many Black Widows in the past and she isn’t quite my favorite Marvel hero, but upon closer inspection, this release is almost perfect! The improved body design, the accessories and most importantly, the amazing headsculpts all tie it together into an impressive release. No regrets on picking up this one for sure! Simply the best Black Widow figure in the line by far.


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