Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Hawkeye with Sky-cycle

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Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Hawkeye with Sky-cycle


A former reluctant opponent of Iron Man, master archer Clint Barton is eventually sponsored by the hero and given a chance to redeem himself by joining the Avengers. Proving himself time and again, even without powers and relying only on his marksmanship skills, Hawkeye becomes one of the longest-serving heroes of the group.

The figure is a retool redeco of the Retro Carded Hawkeye figure, featuring a new headsculpt, upper torso parts and a cloth skirt.

Thankfully, the joints are now the new “pinless” type.

His “skirt” is now made of cloth. I think this is the first time we’ve gotten a cloth piece in the Legends line??

Of course, Hawkeye comes with this bow.

And miraculously.. he finally, finally comes with an arrow!!!

While we’ve gotten SEVERAL Hawkeyes in the past, this is the first time we’re getting one that actually comes with an arrow to shoot.

Unfortunately, the set still comes up a bit short, as Hawkeye doesn’t have a proper right hand to nock the arrow into position. C’mon, Hasbro…

Avengers Sky-Cycle

Some assembly is required for this vehicle. Since the set does not come with any instructions (sigh), you’ll have to gleam the information from the packaging.

Some nice printed details on the control panel display.

Originally created by Jorge Latham by Cross Technological Enterprises as a customized anti-gravitational means of transport for Hawkeye, he later creates more for the rest of the non-flying members of the Avengers when Jorge was employed by the West Coast Avengers.

The cloth skirt really is necessary for the figure to ride the cycle properly.

A flight stand is included with the Sky-Cycle, it’s the same stand we got with the 2019 Demogoblin Build-A-Figure.

This is actually one of the most versatile stands around, thanks to the varying levels of height around the stand.

Overall, a pretty good set. While the color of the costume is a bit too retro for my tastes, it does go well with the Avengers (particularly West Coast) in their 80’s look (and he finally comes with an arrow, too! Hurray!). The Sky-Cycle is excellent and really is the main draw for the set. The whole package really comes together really well.


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