Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Super Adaptoid

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Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Super Adaptoid

Originally created by the supervillain organization A.I.M. to defeat Captain America, the Super Adaptoid learned to mimic the superhuman abilities of any nearby superheroes, down to their weapons and equipment. It is even also capable of changing its body to copy the form of anyone and infiltrate secure areas.

The figure is a retool redeco of the Marvel Legends Icons Captain America figure.

The figure is meant to be big since the Super Adaptoid also copied Goliath’s size changing powers.

The bootcuffs have been modified from the original sculpt.

Too bad they didn’t add any toe articulation to the figure.

At least the figure has some decent paint detail on its belt.

Super Adaptoid stands roughly 12 inches tall.

While the Super Adaptoid comes with Captain America’s shield and Thor’s Hammer, for the price Hasbro’s charging for this figure it should also come with Hawkeye’s bow and arrow to complete the look.

Cap’s shield has two straps

Unfortunately, thanks to the Adaptiod’s gauntlet design, the shield can’t be properly slotted in.

At best, this is how you can get it to work, by hooking the strap onto the glove’s edge. Lazy, just lazy, Hasbro.

When Super Adaptoid throws his mighty shield…..

Lastly, the Super Adaptoid comes with his own version of Thor’s hammer.

Since it’s roughly double the size of a standard Marvel Legend figure, the Super Adaptoid just towers over most of them.

Overall, not bad, but not great. The set’s accessories leaves much to be desired and the somewhat high SRP for this doesn’t justify it. Particularly when you consider it’s basically a reuse of the old Icons Captain America buck and not something made from scratch tooling. I wish they added some more accessories to give folks more bang for the buck.


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