Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Thor & Destroyer 2-pack

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Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary Thor & Destroyer 2-pack

Thor (Eric Masterson)

Formerly an architect, Eric Masterson befriends Thor after being rescued by the hero on multiple occasions. After being mortally wounded by the supervillain Mongoose, Eric is given Thor’s form and powers by Odin to save his life, while sealing away the original Thor in Eric’s mind. As the new Thor, Eric Masterson would eventually go on and join the Avengers during major events such as the Infinity Gauntlet saga and Kree/ Shi’ar War (Operation: Galactic Storm).

The figure is a retool of the 80th Anniversary Thor figure.

The Masterson version of Thor’s costume features exposed sides. Lol… I never noticed that until now.

Due to the design of the cape and Thor’s hair, you can’t get any articulation done for the figure’s head.

Since this figure is a retool of the 80th Anniversary Thor, we get pinned joints for the knees and elbows.

The hammer is a reuse of the same hammer that came with 80th Anniversary Thor, so it’s got the mystical inscription on it as well.

The set offers an optional “maskless” head for Thor.

Eventually, the original Thor would return and Eric Masterson would go on to create his own superhero identity as Thunderstrike. Sadly, Eric Masterson passed away fighting and defeating the curse of Bloodaxe. His son, Kevin, would then continue on as Thunderstrike in the comics.

The Destroyer

A powerful suit of armor forged from enchanted metal by Odin to someday battle a great “menace from the stars”. The Destroyer armor has often been stolen by Loki in order to defeat his half-brother Thor. Practically invulnerable and nearly undefeatable, the armor even possesses energy and matter manipulation capabilities.

While incredibly powerful, the armor rarely moves on its own and requires the life-force of a nearby sentient being to power it. Otherwise, it’s remains in a deactivated state.

The Destroyer stands roughly 9 inches tall.

It’s really big and imposing when placed next to regular Marvel Legends figures.

With all of its might and abilities, the Destroyer’s most powerful attack is a disintegrating beam that fires from the armor’s visor.

Overall, a pretty great set. Erik Masterson Thor is a retool that I think we all expected to come through at some point and I’m fine with it as this version of Thor was the one I was familiar with when I first really got into comics in the 1990s. The Destroyer looks to be an all-new figure with no reused parts. It’s also big and imposing and is definitely the main draw of this set.


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