Marvel Legends Avengers Movie series

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Walmart Exclusive 6” Movie Thor

I love the detailing on Thor’s cape. Too bad his hammer doesn’t have any inscriptions etched on it. I really hope Hasbro releases a “Helmetless” version of Thor soon.

Walmart Exclusive 6” Movie Nick Fury

Except for the Samuel Jackson-esque headsculpt, the body is generally from the previous Comic styled Nick Fury from the 2pack.

“I want you for the Avengers Initiative”

Walmart Exclusive 6” Movie Captain America

As much as I want to love this figure, there seems to be something “off” about it, I can’t tell if it’s the thick waist or the unimpressive headsculpt.

Avengers Movie 6″ figures


Hulk is big. Almost as big as the Face Off Hulk

Is it just me or does anyone else see aspects of Mark Ruffalo’s face on the Hulk? I think it’s nice that they incorporated it into the CGI design.

Hulk Smash!

Iron Man Mk6 (damaged version)


I’m really disappointed at Hasbro for not including a single arrow for “the Hawk”

Captain America

Cap looks better than the movie version in terms of sculpt and proportion. I just wish they kept the shield. I can’t say I like the long straps on the new one. I prefer the garter bands from the Face Off Cap. The shield is also smaller in diameter than the movie version.


The sculpt feels off somehow. Too innocent-looking?



Avengers Assemble!!


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