Marvel Legends Banshee

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Marvel Legends Banshee

Originally a 3-pack with Gambit and Psylocke, I jumped on the chance to get only Banshee when a local toy specialty store offered it for a really great price, as the original Banshee from the old Annihilus wave pales in comparison to this newer body design.

I don’t really need the other figures in this set as I don’t see myself getting the other 3-pack with Storm, Jubilee and Forge, as well as getting the single pack Yellow Wolverine (that’s quite a few bucks saved right there). Banshee’s all I need. The shop was even kind enough to include the box for the 3-pack (special thanks to GC Collectibles).

Sean Cassidy is a mutant born with the ability to generate “sonic screams” via his lungs and vocal cords. They can be used to stun, incapacitate or even disintegrate his targets. His powers also include the ability of flight at the speed of sound. Cassidy is also a trained detective and skilled marksman.

The headsculpt on this figure is really good. Quite the dashing Irishman.

Banshee’s wings are stitched down on hard points on his arms, legs and torso.

It’s too bad the ribbon is only printed on one side though.

Banshee comes with an alternate “screaming” head.

Using a third party flight stand to get more mileage out of this figure.

Overall, a pretty good figure. The sculpt work is really good on both heads and the new Vulcan body’s proportions work beautifully. While I reckon Hasbro will probably try to squeeze a “classic” green repaint of Banshee at some point down the line, there’s no guarantee it will happen, so I think it’s best to grab this figure if you spot it solo at a decent price.


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