Marvel Legends Baron Zemo (classic comics version)

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Marvel Legends Baron Zemo (classic comics version)

The son of Baron Heinrich Zemo, one of Captain America’s greatest adversaries back in WWII, Helmut Zero is the thirteenth Baron Zemo in his family’s lineage. Similar to his father, Helmut’s face is eventually hideously scarred after being exposed to boiling Adhesive X while fighting Captain America. A master strategist and expert in hand-to-hand combat, Helmut is an extremely dangerous foe.

This outfit is meant to reflect his “New Masters of Evil” classic comics look.

I wish there was a decent way to fix this design problem, this plastic piece gets in the way of the ab crunch joint. Maybe it should’ve been painted on instead?

While Helmut Zemo in the comics is an expert marksman, this set does not come with any ranged weapons for Zemo to use, he only comes with his sword.

Overall, A decent figure. It is annoying that he only comes with a sword for an accessory (and some hands), I do wish Hasbro included something more to go along with this figure. On a positive note, it is good to see that we finally got a proper classic comics-look Helmut Zero so we can do a “New Masters of Evil” group, alongside Grey Gargoyle, Whirlwind, Absorbing Man, Mister Hyde, Tiger Shark, the Wrecking Crew and others waiting to get their Marvel Legends treatment.


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