Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Iron Spider

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Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Iron Spider

Created by Iron Man for Spider-man to wear during the events of the original Marvel Civil War way back in 2006, the new suit augments Peter’s already powerful strength and reflexes, as well as including a variety of new gadgets to the wall-crawler’s arsenal.

The actual suit’s other abilities include cloaking, limited bulletproofing, audio/visual amplification to allow view across different spectrums, breathe underwater and even morph into street clothes for Peter to wear. The suit also responds to mental control.

Sigh… somehow, the alignment for the rachet for the mid-torso joint is wrong, I’m not sure if it’s just my copy or it’s a thing for everyone. The body can’t align straight and always has to be a bit crunched down or pulled way too much to the back.

The suit comes with three mechanical spider arms, called “Waldoes”. Initially used for reconnaissance around corners thanks to cameras on their tips and deemed too delicate for use in combat, Spider-man eventually does use them as extra arms while fighting.

New “pinless” joints for the body. Nice.

The arms do sport some decent articulation. But, instead of the actual six joints on the arms, we only get three.

All three legs plug into the back of the figure.

I was initially worried that the legs would make it hard to stand the figure, thankfully, this is not the case.

The arms look pretty good if you know how to pose them right.

While you can’t get them to pose hoisting Spidey up like in the comics due to the lack of solid ratchet joints, the legs are still decent enough to help you do a pose that’s a close approximation (for me anyways). Just remember to prop Spidey up by his toes.

While the set doesn’t come with a display base, I think using one would be best for this figure. I’m using a third party display base.

Here’s the older version from Hasbro’s early days in the Marvel Legends line.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent update to the previous offering from Hasbro. The figure does have better proportions than the previous release and the spider arms are done incredibly better here, especially in terms of proportion to Spidey. I think it’s a great addition to anyone’s Spider-verse display if they’ve got one going.


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