Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Japanese Spider-man

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Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Japanese Spider-man

Based on the Japanese Spider-man TV series produced by Toei Company, Takuya Yamashiro is this universe’s Spider-man. After discovering a crashed UFO, Takuya is injected with the dying alien’s blood which grants him spider-like powers and enhanced strength. The alien also gives him a protective suit as well as a bracelet to control the spaceship, “Marveller”, which can transform into a giant, powerful battle robot, all of this to prepare Takuya to continue the fight against the evil alien Professor Monster and his Iron Cross Army.

In the series, Takuya always has a catch phrase before he takes down his Iron Cross enemies, his most popular one is “I am the emissary of hell, Spider-man!”. Other, less popular ones that really do pop up in the show include “Man moved by a parent’s love, Spider-man!”, “Destroyer of mushrooms, Spider-man!” lol… Ohkaaay….

Unlike the American version of the web-head, the Japanese version likes to pose with his fingers held in a “crawling” position to make Spider-man look more interesting.

I’m not 100% sure, but the figure sports a unique body mold? It is certainly different from most Spider-man figures in the Legends line and this buck fits better with the not-so-muscular suit actor of the classic Japanese series in terms of screen accuracy.

The figure uses the new “pinless” joint design.

The suit is called the “Spider-Protector”, which actually provides some protection to Takuya by being bulletproof (something the original USA counterpart’s suit usually doesn’t have).

This version of Spider-man has a single bracelet on his left arm, instead of his traditional twin web-shooters on both hands. The Spider Bracelet also stores Takuya’s costume when he’s not wearing it. The Bracelet also allows Takuya to summon his car, the Spider Machine GP-7 or his giant spaceship, the Marveller.

The Spider Bracelet also shoots various types of webbing, be they regular web lines (Spider Strings), or a full net to capture enemies (Spider Net). Thankfully, this Marvel Legends set provides some webbing accessories for the figure.

Spider String! In the show, we rarely see Takuya swing from building to building in order get anywhere, not when he has his own car and a friggin’ spaceship!. Here, the web lines are for sticking to things during action scenes, so he can pull them in.

Spider Net!

In the Japanese series, Spidey rarely fought with normal criminals or even villains from his classic rogues gallery. He always fought against the Iron Cross Army’s foot soldiers (called Ninders) or their “Machine Bems”, biological constructs that could change their size at will (aka “monster of the week”).

“Marveller, come forth!”

Overall, it’s decent. It doesn’t use the usual “buffed up” Spidey body, unlike most of the Beyond Amazing wave, but at the same time, it’s a little dull to look at due the lack of physical “bulk”. Still, I am really happy to get it, since this character does prominently feature in the Spider-verse sagas. Plus, I was contemplating getting an S.H. Figuarts Spider-man figure to compliment my Soul of Chogokin Leopaldon(s) before they announced this guy. So this is a nice, economical alternative to that.

Funfact: In the series, Supaida-man isn’t afraid to win by any means necessary, even using machine guns to take down Ninders. Lol! We don’t see that on Power Rangers…

The gun is borrowed from the “Mr. Negative and Inner Demons” 2-pack, in case anyone was wondering.

“I am the emissary of hell!”


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