Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Knull and Venom

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Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Knull and Venom


Eddie Brock is back as Venom. However, this time around, Brock is going through a character redemption story arc in the “King in Black” saga. Starting with the revelation that he has a son, leading up to Brock having to save the planet from an invading Symbiote god, it’s pretty wild and a pretty well done story for redeeming one of Spidey’s most dangerous foes.

The figure is a redeco and retool of the “Venom” Movie figure from the BAF Symbiote Deadpool wave with a new “classic” head.

Standing 7.75 inches tall, the size of this figure is taller than the standard Legends Venom figure, and it works, since he’s supposed to be buffed up to take on Knull in the series’ climax.

One downside here is that since the figure is a reuse of the movie figure Venom, his feet aren’t accurate to the look of the character in the comics (we never see the shape of his toes in the comics).

Another drawback is that since this is an older buck, it doesn’t come with the new pinless joint design for the arms and knees.

The set comes with an alternate head for Venom, this is actually the original movie head from the previous figure.

At one point in the “King in Black” story, Venom generates giant dragon wings and gains the ability of flight to battle Knull in the climax of the saga.

The wings peg into the holes in Venom’s back. The connection is secure enough, but expect it to fall down eventually as the wings are so massive and heavy, the connections can hardly hold it in position.

The wingspan is so crazy, Venom spans roughly 8 x 19 inches in dimension with the wings equipped.


The god of the symbiote race, Knull is said to be as old as time itself. He is also the creator of the All-Black the Necrosword and the one behind the actions of Gorr the God Butcher. Knull is also the creator of the Klyntar (aka the alien symbiotes in the Marvel Universe). He can dominate and control any symbiote and bring them under his command.

Knull doesn’t come with any extra hands, unfortunately.

Standing at 8 inches tall, Knull is really tall.

Knull is much taller than Venom.

Of couse, Knull comes with the All-Black the Necrosword.

In the comics, Knull is an immortal, able of rapidly healing from injuries. He is also capable of generating darkness and even create weapons and endless creatures from it.

Already a being of incredible raw power, Knull, when armed with the Necrosword, easily dispatches even the powerful Celestials when they fight.

For variety, the set comes with an alternate “stoic” Knull head.

I really wish Knull came with holes in his back as well, for attaching the wings Venom comes with. He was usually seen with wings for the most part of the “King in Black” saga.

Battle of the symbiote gods!

Overall, I love it! This set started out not so great for me at first, since the SRP was really high for a two-pack. Worse, the new windowless packaging also didn’t help. But once I had opened and in hand, it really impressed me, since the both figures turned out to be really big and the new huge dragon wings for Venom really added a lot of “bang for buck” to the set. They did this set right for the most part (did not like the out-of-place feet on Venom).

I guess it helps that I really enjoyed the King in Black story arc (I’m a sucker for redemption stories) for the most part (the climactic showdown felt somewhat anti-climactic for me), so I am happy with this set overall (except maybe the windowless packaging).


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