Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing MCU Peter Parker & Ned Leeds

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Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing MCU Peter Parker & Ned Leeds

Peter Parker

High school science wiz Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider which grants him special spider-like abilities and powers. He uses these gifts to fight crime as he tries to make the best of what he’s been given.

The head sculpt is really good here. It really captures the look of actor Tom Holland.

Peter comes with an alternate “smiling” head.

For accessories, he comes with … a textbook. OK… Science wiz… lol…

Lastly, Peter also comes with his school backpack.

Interestingly, in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Peter’s motivations for helping others are based solely on his aunt May’s example. It’s never established whether uncle Ben even existed in this world, as he’s never brought up and this universe’s Peter never heard the words “with great power comes great responsibility” until May says them in the third movie, “No Way Home”.

It’s great that we get some really good articulation with “civillian” Spidey.

Too bad we don’t get “thwipping” hands for Peter, though.

Ned Leeds

Ned is Peter’s best friend. He eventually discovers Peter’s secret identity and he loves helping his best bud out when he’s in trouble (particularly when covering for Peter’s sudden exits when the latter needs to change into costume).

Ned’s character in the MCU is an amalgam of sorts, taking the name of the comics character (who was never really close with Peter), and the physique of Ganke Lee, Miles Morales’ best friend in the comics.

By default, Ned comes with his Spider-man masked alternate head (based on a scene from Spider-man Homecoming).

“Thwip, thwip!”

Thankfully, Hasbro did include a proper “unmasked” head for the figure.

Unlike Peter’s head sculpt, the head sculpt for Ned barely passes, the likeness of actor Jacob Batalon isn’t quite as perfect as Peter’s. It’s close but something’s off.

Ned comes with his own school backpack too.

It’s too bad the sleeves don’t quite match the color of the shirt. C’mon, Hasbro…

I love that Hasbro used pinless design for the joints on these figures.

Overall, it’s great! I know Hasbro loves to cut corners once in a while, but it’s amazing that they would invest in such unique sculpts for this 2-pack. I don’t think we’ll ever see these body designs used anywhere else except here? I’m also glad they used pinless joints, plus the likenesses of the actors are fairly good. I didn’t have the time to dig out MJ for the previous 2-pack for a proper “Scooby Gang” photo, though. I guess I’ll have to get back to this later on down the road.

I really love how Ned and Peter were really cool best friends in the movies. Spidey always needs a good support system.


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