Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Mr. Negative & Inner Demon

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Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Mr. Negative & Inner Demon

Mister Negative

Chinese gangster Martin Li was once the test subject of an experimental drug by the crime boss Silvermane, granting Li powers of both Darkforce and Lightforce. After escaping, Li’s personality is split in two, the benevolent Martin Li, and the evil Mister Negative. The latter setting himself up as a new crime lord in Chinatown.

The body is a reuse of the usual three-piece suit Marvel Legends civilian buck.

The set comes with effects parts for his hands, for when he uses his powers to corrupt or affect people. As Mister Negative, Li can use the Darkforce energy to corrupt others, bringing them under his control or change their moral compass. He was once even able to corrupt Spider-man and briefly turn him evil, eventually Peter shook off the influence. One good thing about Mister Negative’s corruptive influence is that once the target shakes off the effect, they become immune to repeated corruption.

Aside from being able to corrupt others, Mister Negative is extremely strong and incredibly agile. He was once able to punch Spider-man through two buildings and was fast enough to avoid bullets from the criminal known as the Hood.

Martin also comes with a sword with effects parts. As a part of his power set in the comics, he can charge up any weapon with black electrical energy for massive damage inflicted on his opponents.

I used a third-party display stand to help get more mileage out of this figure.

Inner Demon

Serving as Mister Negative’s henchmen, these Chinese opera mask-wearing goons are nearly indestructible, thanks to Mister Negative transfusing some of his power into each and every member of his gang. They are able to even survive getting decapitated and torn apart (freaky!). However, most of the Inner Demons don’t have the same strength levels as their boss, requiring them to still wield conventional weaponry to take on Spider-man.

The body is actually a reuse of the “old man Logan” buck from the Logan movie.

The mask on this figure is really detailed. Too bad it isn’t removable.

The set comes with three variations of the demon mask. Pretty cool.

I was fortunate enough to discover a local shop who was selling extra Demons loose (without Mister Negative). I decided to get two more just to round out the extra heads.

Too bad there are only two variations in the hairstyles, two of the heads are bald.

Thanks to the taller Logan body, the Inner Demons look imposing as enforcers next to Mr. Negative.

While I could’ve gotten more to army build, I feel that this buck wasn’t the best for these guys. In the games and comics, we usually see the Inner Demons actually wearing full three-piece suits with neckties and matching gloves. These Logan bodies remind me of generic Las Vegas club bouncers.

The set also offers a LOT of weapons for the Inner Demons. It’s impressive actually.

Baseball bat



It’s really cool that they even included muzzle flash effects parts for the guns.

If you get two or more Inner Demons, you can have them dual wield their pistols.

The set also offers smoke effects parts for the pistol.

Machine gun

The set also comes with effects parts for the machine gun too (the effects parts for the guns all share the same mold).

While the bodies lack variety, the masks do help add some uniqueness to each Demon.

With their boss.

Overall, pretty good. While I didn’t really like the concept of Mister Negative as a character and villain in the comics, this set really is impressive thanks to all the accessories for the Inner Demons, I think it’s with the Inner Demons where the set really shines. I think Hasbro missed an opportunity here by not releasing Mister Negative solo, and then making this a two-pack of two different Inner Demon figures. Ah, well…


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