Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Spider-man Noir and Spider-Ham

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Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Spider-man Noir and Spider-Ham

This version of Peter hails from an alternate universe where everything is in black and white. As such, he is unfamiliar with the concept of “colors”. This Spidey also talks like a “Transatlantic” detective from the 1930s.

In case you missed it, Noir was voiced in the “Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse” by actor Nicholas Cage.

I was really surprised that Hasbro actually included some paint texturing to improve the figure, it’s subtle but it really does make it a lot better! I love it! Good execution here by the Hasbro design team!

Sadly, this set does NOT come with any extra hands for Noir. Still, he looks good even with just his regular hands.

While this version of Spidey doesn’t have web shooters, he can still shoot organic webbing from his wrist to web swing accross New York. He doesn’t come with any web effects parts and his only accessory is his Luger pistol.

The pistol can be holstered, but do be careful not to push it in too deep otherwise it will be hard to pluck out.

Noir also comes with an alternate hat-less head.

While the set does NOT come with a spare hat to go with this alternate head, you can cheat things a bit and with some careful positioning, you can make the default head serve as the hat.

The set also comes with Spider-ham.

A version of Spider-man that hails from a cartoon universe, Ham actually has unique powers, in that he can pull out giant hammers and other items from out of thin air, similar to Bugs Bunny and other zany cartoon characters.

The figure is a redeco of the previously released Spider-ham that came with Spider-verse movie Gwen from the Stilt-man wave. It only has neck articulation and nothing else.

Overall, I love it! I wasn’t expecting much when they first announced the figure, but having it in hand, it really impressed me. I love the texturing they added to Noir and thanks to the impressive layout design of the figure’s coat, he looks anything but boring. It’s a shame they didn’t include a proper spare Fedora for the hatless head and the addition of Ham into this set seems really odd. I think I would’ve preferred it if they included Peni Parker instead. Still, it’s an amazing figure, I think this may be my favorite “Into the Spider-verse” Marvel Legends figure.


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