Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Spider-man & Spinneret 2-pack

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Marvel Legends Beyond Amazing Spider-man & Spinneret 2-pack

My first time seeing Hasbro’s new “locking” design. Basically cardboard “seatbelt” harnesses for holding the figures in place.


While on a high school field trip to a science exhibit, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider. The bite gives him amazing spider-like powers, such as increased strength and agility, the ability to stick to walls and a precognitive sixth sense referred to as his “Spider-Sense,” which alerts him to danger. Peter later creates a special liquid formula that allows him to shoot “webbing” from wrist-mounted web-shooters to help him catch criminals.

The figure is an improved version of the Retro Carded Spider-man, featuring a new “pinless” joint design for the limbs and newly added toe articulation.

The new pinless joints means we won’t see the red pin on the inner blue side of the figure’s arm anymore.

New, bigger spider logo on the figure’s back compared to the Retro carded version.

It’s a shame Hasbro still can’t work a waist joint into this figure, rotating at the upper torso level just looks odd.


New toe articulation!

This new Spidey figure definitely is going to replace the vintage/ retro collection as my main Spider-man figure.

The set comes with an unmasked Peter Parker head. The head is the same head that came with Parker Industries Spidey and MJ 2-pack from a while back, but with a slightly better matte finish.


Set during the events of “Battleworld”, where the planet is composed of different pockets of realities, Peter and MJ are still married and have a little girl named Annie May Parker who has inherited the same spider powers as her father. Mary Jane later finds and equips a tech unit that can tap into Spider-man’s powers, allowing her to do anything Peter and Annie can. After Peter gives her her own set of webshooters, Mary Jane eventually joins her family’s adventures as they fight evil together as a superhero family.

The figure shares some parts as the Age of Apocalypse Rogue (particularly the upper torso).

Leftover extra hole from the Rogue figure’s back..

Pinless, double-jointed elbows for the win!

She doesn’t come with toe articulation like her hubby, though.

I really, really like this costume design a lot for MJ!

Like Peter, we also get an unmasked head for Mary Jane. The head is a redeco of the one that came with the retro Gwen Stacy pack.

Overall, I love it! I’ve always loved Mary Jane’s Spinneret outfit in the comics and it’s great to see that somewhere out there, she and Peter are fighting crime as a couple and a family. “Renew Your Vows” was probably one of my favorite Spidey reads in a while and I’m glad this set captures that representation of it perfectly. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of reports of quality control issues with this pack, from fused joints to poorly painted or missing web lines on Spider-man. Hasbro really needs to do a better job considering how much they’ve increased prices this year.


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