Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-man

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Marvel Legends Big Time Spider-man

A reissue of the Big Time Spider-man that came with the Arnim Zola Build-A-Figure wave, but this time featuring a different headsculpt from another more recent Spidey figure.

Officially called “Spider-man’s Stealth Suit”. Spidey wore this during the “Big Time” storyline. The suit has stealth cloaking tech which renders the wearer invisible and has sound-dampening abilities to deal with sound-based attacks as well. The suit was last seen being passed onto Kaine Parker (Peter’s reformed clone) and used by Kaine as Scarlet Spider after the events of “Spider Island”. It has been mentioned that the suit needs to be recharged once in a while.

I originally had passed on this figure when it first came out, then backtracked it when it went on clearance. The colors are actually much better here and more comics-accurate than on the previous Arnim Zola wave release.

Original release from the Arnim Zola wave (it’s a green variant of the white “Future Foundation” Spider-man).

The set’s only accessory, apart from the spare hands, is the reused “web line” from the “Amazing Spider-man” movie figure.


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