Marvel Legends Celeste Cuckoo

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Marvel Legends Celeste Cuckoo

Artificially grown and aged by Dr. John Sublime from Emma Frost’s eggs, the Stepford Cuckoos are mutants with powerful psychic and telepathic powers, similar to their biological mother.

Effects parts are included with the set. To simulate their psychic abilities.

Originally there were thousands of clones, with only five initially activated by Sublime. Two would eventually die due to various circumstances (Sophie and Esme), leaving only Phoebe (the aggressive one, and the group’s new leader after Sophie’s passing), Celeste (the most affectionate one) and Irma/ Mindee (the piano-playing one) .

The codename for the girls was originally Five-in-One, this would later be changed to Three-in-One, for obvious reasons.

With their mom, Emma Frost

As the girls share Emma’s biology, they also have the ability to transform into Flawless Organic Diamond forms. Their diamond form powers are actually better than Emma’s since they can specifically select which parts of their bodies change (compartmental diamond transformation) and don’t require a conscious hold to keep the form in place.

Alternate heads are included for the girls, as at one point, they decided to have different hair styles for a change. They later reverted back to having the same blonde hair style.

This is supposed to be Irma.

While this is supposed to be Phoebe, I believe.

Celeste is the only one who never changed her hair color, since she always felt that was part of the group’s unique bond.

Funfact: The first letters in the girl’s names were meant to spell the word SPICE (Sophie, Phoebe, Irma, Celeste, Esma), something the characters’ creator, Grant Morrison, wanted when he came up with the quintuplets.

The set comes with a Cerebra helmet, unfortunately, it only fits on Irma, thanks to her hair style. On the others, it just looks goofy.


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