Marvel Legends Civil War 3 pack

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Marvel Legends Civil War 3 pack


The design for the mask was based off John Romita Sr.’s art from the early days of Marvel Comics.

It’s a shame we didn’t get more hand accessories with this figure. I guess that will happen when Hasbro rolls out the Spider-man Homecoming movie wave?

I’m not too crazy about the new lines on the suit though. Wish they kept it more classic than taking it a step further.

Captain America

Hooboy.. Hasbro’s really getting their money’s worth with this sculpt. This is the fourth time this buck has been used, starting from Winter Soldier, to Avengers 2, then Civil War, and now, for the Civil War boxset.

In fairness though, the battle damage was a good idea. I just wish there was some more bruising and bleeding on Cap’s face.

Love the damage on the shield.

At least they gave us the “unmasked” Steve Rogers head with this set.

Iron Man Mark 46

This figure is a redeco from the Civil War/Giantman wave, with added damage effect.

This time, this figure comes with both Repulsor effects and bootjet effects.

We also finally get a proper “unmasked” Tony Stark head. This headsculpt was already released a while back with the Iron Man 2 Mark IV armor. The head back then came with permanently-glued shades for Tony who was having a hang over or something.

The likeness of Robert Downey Jr. is amazing. It’s a shame they couldn’t capture Chris Evans’ likeness that well with the Steve Rogers head.

Civil War!

The boxset


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