Marvel Legends Comics Thanos

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Marvel Legends Comics Thanos

The “Mad Titan”. Obsessed with proving his love to the lady death, Thanos decides to gather all the Infinity Stones and wish for the death of half of all life in the universe.

I still remember the day I read the original Infinity Gauntlet saga during recess back in high school, a classmate had brought a copy of the latest chapter and showed everyone this villain who single-handedly killed a lot of the Marvel heroes. Shocking stuff back in the day. It really gave me chills back then seeing how the heroes were unable to stop this powerful villain. Ahh… memories…

While Infinity Gauntlet saga Thanos is a deluxe figure, he’s only 7.5 inches tall. Kingpin is taller at 7.75 inches… hmmm..

The figure sports some nice weathering paint, with lighter colors on the bulging surfaces of his costume.

The “skirt” does limit some of his articulation though.

Too bad Thanos does NOT have double jointed elbows.

I’m glad to see the design team learned from the Hydra trooper and decided to paint this strap as opposed to having an actual physical strap there that will limit the armpit articulation.

Sigh… printed chair backdrop

The set comes with an alternate “King Thanos” head from a possible future timeline.

I wish for some doughnuts!

Overall… heck, it’s the original Infinity Gauntlet Thanos! It’s a must have for any comic fan of the 90’s! I just wish Hasbro came out with this one sooner. It’s also a shame it did not come with the chair (and/or a lady death figure) though. Hopefully, someone will make a 3D print of those one day to go with this figure, maybe a Thanos-Copter too! lol….


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