Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix and Cyclops 2 pack

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Marvel Legends Dark Phoenix and Cyclops 2 pack


This costume is based on the earlier version of Cyclops’ design from the Phoenix Saga storyline.

Comparison with Cyclops from the Warlock wave

Dark Phoenix

Wow… Hasbro really outdid themselves with this figure, it comes with 3 heads and the sculpting looks really great! They should really credit sculptors like this, like how DC Collectibles labels the sculptors on their figure packages.

Hehe, dangerous and sexy supermodel look.

I think it’s really great they included a “normal, non-Phoenix” recasted version of the head sculpt.

She also comes with a little phoenix flame for effect.

Finally, there’s also the “regular” Jean head sculpt and it looks awesome!! A huuuuge improvement over the head that came with Juggernaut wave.

Beautiful work here.

Comparison with the regular Phoenix from the Juggernaut wave.

A problem I had with the regular Phoenix was difficulty in standing the figure up, this was due to the poor feet they used for the figure. Luckily they fixed it in the Dark Phoenix figure.

The original X-men love team, Jean and Scott.

From the cover of Uncanny X-men 136

Cyclops is really well made, you can prop Jean onto him to make her seem like she’s hovering.

From the side

From the back


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