Marvel Legends Deadpool – Sauron Wave

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Marvel Legends Deadpool – Sauron Wave

Omega Red
Deadpool (X-men uniform)
Deadpool (Deadpool and Chill)
Wolverine (Laura Kinney)
Lady Deadpool

Omega Red

Omega Red was created by the Russians as a super soldier meant to be their version of Captain America. They used Russian serial killer Arkady Rossovich as their guinea pig

His tendrils are made of Carbonadium, the Russian’s attempt at duplicating Adamantium.

While Omega Red can use his body’s pheromones to drain life force from his victims, he can also use his tendrils as a conduit for his pheromones to drain from a distance. He also has the ability to produce a different type of pheromone called Death Spores that can kill normal humans within proximity in seconds upon exposure.

Omega Red is shown to have superhuman endurance, battling Wolverine for as long as eighteen hours without signs of fatigue.

Omega Red also has had military training and is a highly skilled combat and military tactician. He has been used by the KGB as a deadly operative.

Deadpool (X-men uniform)

Welp. Here we go again, another Deadpool figure. I know the character is popular, but c’mon. Enough already. Most collectors have more DP figures than they know what to do with.

Sigh, I really dislike Hasbro’s use of these “cuffs”, they just fall off too easily. Just lazy work there, Hasbro. They did it on Cyclops and now they’re doing it again here.

I may not be a fan of the redundant character selection but the figure itself is nice and fun to mess with.

The set comes with a spare Madcap head. The only real reason to get this set.

Madcap was originally a religious man, who was exposed to A.I.M’s Chemical X07 compound while on a trip which killed his friends and family. The chemical gave him regeneration powers (healing factor) and the ability to drive others temporarily insane if they gaze into his eyes. He also became insane as he could no longer feel pain. He can also mentally control severed limbs.

Even though Madcap does not have enhanced strength, agility or fighting skills, he is virtually indestructible (Deadpool has mentioned Madcap’s healing factor was stronger than his), even surviving Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare and was left craving for more.

It’s a shame we don’t get a full Madcap figure. None of the older ML figures have outfits that match his comic look perfectly (the closest would be Task Master). Guess he has to share this spare Deadpool body instead for now.

Deadpool (Deadpool and Chill)

Just when you thought they would run out of concepts for Deadpool figure, along comes this release. Which I have to admit I found more interesting than the other Deadpool in this wave in his X-men uniform.

Okay, whoever thought of posing Deadpool like this in the package is a genius!

Since Hasbro has a penchant for recycling tooling parts, I wonder how they plan reuse these legs and feet. lol..

Impressive sculpt work here, the expressions, the raised pinky finger, it all looks like something right out of Deadpool comics.

Even though the figure comes with a holster, his pistol cannot be stored here.

Deadpool also comes with bigger gun.

I think this may be the first time we’ve ever gotten Deadpool without his swords.

I think this may well be my second favorite Deadpool figure in the entire Marvel Legends line (the first being the standard DP in full uniform, naturally).

Wolverine (Laura Kinney)

Previously known as X-23, the young female clone of Wolverine, Laura Kinney decides to take the codename of Wolverine after her father passed away (he got better). This is her costume as it appears in the All-New Wolverine comic.

In the All-New Wolverine comic, it is revealed that part of her genetic make-up is from Sarah Kinney, her caretaker during her time in the Facility, making her not truly a full fledged clone of Wolverine.

She still has only two claws on her hands.

Back in the 90s there was already a female spoof version of Wolverine, called Wolverina, who appeared in “What The–? ” Marvel comics.

The claws in her boots are removable.

Also included is an unmasked head. Though it’s a shame they didn’t paint her to match the skin tone of the masked head.

Lady Deadpool

Hailing from Earth-3010, Wanda Wilson is that universe’s female version of Deadpool.

She was recruited into the Deadpool Corps by the original Earth-616 Deadpool under orders from the Cosmic Elder the Contemplator, along with Kidpool, Headpool and Dogpool.

Too bad she doesn’t come with any guns, just her swords.

Sadly, she sacrificed herself during the events of Deadpool Kills Deadpool (the Deadpool who killed his Marvel Universe, now known as Dreadpool) by crashing the team’s ship The Bea Arthur into Galactipool (a Galactus Deadpool from another universe).


Originating from the Marvel Zombies universe (Earth-2149), this version of Deadpool survived and is now back to being one of the good guys (the zombies lose their mindless craving once they starve long enough to regain control) and was recruited into the Deadpool Corps. He was sadly killed early on in the Deadpool Kills Deadpool miniseries.

The propeller on his beanie actually spins. Woot.

So with the upcoming Dogpool from the Riders series, we still need Kidpool to complete the Deadpool Corps.


As a kid, I loved the X-men animated series. I had no idea about the X-men comics and I was really happy with watching the stories unfold in the cartoons. One of the most memorable stories for me was Bishop time-traveling and saving the future (I guess Back to the Future influenced me a lot), and I am super happy we finally got a proper figure of this guy.

He comes with his trusty XSE (Xavier Security Enforcers) rifle, which can fire lasers or plasma charges. He can recharge the rifle with his own stored energy reserves.

Lucas Bishops’ mutant power is the ability to absorb and redirect all forms of energy.

His rifle can be stored on Bishops’ back holster, but wow does that thing look bulky and awkward!

The old Toybiz version was good, but it was too bulky too look decent next to say, the Toybiz Cyclops. This one fits the bill perfectly.


Originally starting as an ally of the X-men, psychiatrist Karl Lykos had the ability to absorb human life force energy. But whenever he absorbs mutant life force energy, he transforms into an evil pterodactyl-like monster. He regains his moral senses when he changes back into human form after the siphoned mutant energy runs out.

His beak can open and close.

Great sculpt work on his belt.

The tail is connected to the figure via a tiny peg. I am not very confident with the size they used. I hope it doesn’t break over time.

In his Pterodactyl form, he has the ability of flight, along with increased strength and the can use hypnosis to make his victims have delusions of terror.

Sauron can also breathe fire. Flames so hot they can give third degree burns even to the Avenger Hercules.

As a BAF figure, he is taller than the average ML figure.

The full wave


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