Marvel Legends Deadpool Strong Guy Wave

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Marvel Legends Deadpool Strong Guy Wave

Deadpool (Blue and Yellow X-men uniform)
Black Tom Cassidy
Deadpool (Pirate)
Strong Guy

Deadpool (Blue and Yellow X-Men uniform)

Sigh… another variation of Deadpool. This time in his blue and yellow X-men costume.

The figure is a redeco of Deadpool from the Sasquatch wave.

His swords can be stored in the sheaths.

The belt-harness design somewhat limits the figure’s movements. I wish the belt was a bit lower so it gives some allowances for the upper body to pose.

Deadpool comes with a little pistol.

As well as a really big shotgun!

Lastly, Deadpool wouldn’t be Deadpool without his signature twin katanas.

Black Tom Cassidy

One of Deadpool’s (and X-Men’s) villains and usually seen teamed up with his criminal partner, the Juggernaut. Black Tom Cassidy’s real name is Thomas Samuel Eamon Cassidy and he has the ability to channel his powers into projected energy blasts through plants or wooden objects.

The figure’s body is a reused Shatterstar mold.

He comes with his shillelagh (club or walking stick usually associated with Scottish or Irish folklore). Since his powers require him to project his powers only through plants or wooden objects, this fits the bill nicely.

“Meet my boom stick!”

Cassidy is also the cousin of the heroic X-Man, Banshee. Considered as the black sheep of their family, the cousins’ powers cancel each other out whenever they use it on each other.

Hmm… an evil young Sean Connery?

With his best bud and partner in crime, the unstoppable Juggernaut.


Shiklah is a succubus, a supernatural being that seduces men and feeds off them by absorbing their life force. Shiklah was briefly married to Deadpool for a time, before their marriage hit the rocks when Deadpool officially becomes one of the good guys.

I love the soft goods cape here. It’s interesting to see Hasbro use soft goods more and more in the ML line.

As a succubus, she has enhanced strength, speed and shape-shifting abilities. She can instantly drain the life force of anyone she kisses. She is essentially indestructible and has been around since before the time of man.

For some reason, I just can’t unsee Angelina Jolie in this face sculpt.

Shiklah comes with Jeff, the Baby Land Shark. Created by a supervillain as an experiment to give sharks legs and the ability to live on dry land, Jeff is liberated by the West Coast Avengers, Gwenpool adopts him and is later passed onto Deadpool after Gwenpool’s comic series is cancelled. He’s doesn’t really speak or have a higher sense of self and is seen as a pet in the comics.

Too bad Jeff doesn’t feature any articulation.


David North is a mutant CIA-sanctioned operative working for the U.S. government, codenamed Maverick and a member of “Team X”. His mutant powers allow him to absorb kinetic energy from impact, redirecting it to his target. He is able to survive falls from great heights and massive physical impacts from stronger opponents without harm, thanks to this power.

I was half-expecting these cables to get in the way of the head’s articulation, but miraculously, they don’t. Pretty good work there, Hasbro design team!

A downside with this figure is that the design hinders any waist joint mobility.

Since Maverick is trained by the CIA, he is an expert marksman and a master of hand-to-hand combat. He also has some level of healing factor implanted on his body taken from Logan’s DNA.

His uniform is made from lightweight fiberglass plating and kevlar padding. The suit can seal itself off from the environment and has its own oxygen supply along with infrared scanning and targeting systems. The suit also has the ability to enhance David’s mutant ability to absorb and redirect kinetic energy.

His smaller weapon can be holstered on his right side.

He also comes with a larger rifle weapon.


Wealthy Brazilian mutant Roberto de Costa has the ability to absorb and channel solar power. Originally a member of the young superhero team, the New Mutants, Sunspot is later on a member of the main X-teams, X-Force and X-Men as well.

Thanks to his mutant powers, Sunspot is able to store Solar energy and use it to enhance his physical attributes as well as grant himself the gift flight and energy blasts. While he can use his powers to greatly increase his strength, they do not grant him invulnerability.

These “boba” effects are permanently glued to his back.

Sunspot comes with yet another reuse of the same effects parts from Scarlet Witch, Magneto and Polaris. C’mon Hasbro, make something different…


James Proudstar is the brother of the deceased X-Man, Thunderbird. After his brother passed away in the line of duty, James took on the Thunderbird persona to honor his brother, later on changing his codename to Warpath and becoming one of the longest members of X-Force.

The body is a reuse of the Omega Red buck.

His shoulder pads are removable.

Warpath has incredible levels of strength, capable of holding off the Juggernaut and even using a single clap of his hands to take down a sentinel. He also has some level of healing factor, allowing him to revive and regenerate from damage faster than others. As a tracker, he has enhanced senses that allow him to see, hear and smell at greater distances than a regular human.

Warpath is also a master of hand-to-hand combat, thanks to being given training in various forms from Emma Frost as well as weapons combat from fellow X-Force member, Shatterstar.

While Warpath is tall, a lot of folks were hoping him to be a lot taller, like “Strong Guy” tall, as he’s a really big guy in the comics.

It’s a shame he doesn’t come with his iconic Vibranium bowie knives this time, as this costume is based from before he got said knives as a gift from fellow X-man, Storm. Ah, well…

Deadpool (Pirate)

Yet another variation of Deadpool from somewhere in the comics. I’m really surprised Hasbro plunked money for tooling for this unique figure, when they couldn’t be bothered to give us legs for Cannonball from the Wendigo wave. lol….

Sadly, the figure’s skirt design practically limits any articulation below the belt.

His swords can be stored on the two sheathes on the sides of his belt.

Alternately, you can store his pistol instead of his sword in the sheathe as well.

Too bad the pistols on the front of his belt are not removable.

Pirate Deadpool comes with a classic flintlock pirate pistol.

Lastly, he can’t be a pirate without a proper swashbuckling pirate sword.

Strong Guy

Guido Carosella first appeared working as a bodyguard. He later joins X-Factor under the codename “Strong Guy”. His mutant power allows for him to absorb kinetic energy and channel it into physical strength, but he cannot store it for long, otherwise he risks damaging or distorting the proportions of his body permanently.

His top-heavy physical appearance is a result of being hit by a bus when he was young, Guido’s body absorbed the kinetic energy from the impact but without the knowledge then of how to expel the energy, it had permanently distorted his body.

Guido’s goggles aren’t just for show, the poor fellow is actually near-sighted and needs to wear prescription corrective glasses to see properly.

Anyone else getting a “Bruce Willis” vibe from this head sculpt?

Strong Guy often serves as the “comedy relief” for the team, but in actuality, he uses humor to hide the physical and psychological pain of his disfigured body.

Guido is very tall. Standing at roughly 8 inches in height.

The full wave


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