Marvel Legends Defenders Boxset

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Marvel Legends Defenders Boxset

Luke Cage
Iron Fist
Jessica Jones


This figure is a rerelease from the Hobgoblin BAF wave. With slightly muted red colors and the DD chest logo more clearly defined.

His clubs are now fully painted (unlike the one from the Hobgoblin set which were just white sticks).

The Hobgoblin wave version.

Past Daredevils

Sooo… yeah, I think I’ll stick with this one as my definitive Daredevil since it is better than all the previous versions. Hmm… one day I’m going to have to sit down and figure out what to do with all the “extra” versions of previous ML figures.

Luke Cage

Luke doesn’t come with any accessories. I wish they gave him some extra hands for the figure to be able to grab onto stuff.

It’s a redeco from the SDCC 2013 Thunderbolts set.

I think I prefer the SDCC version better, but it comes with the Thunderbolts logo, so that one’s not quite perfect either.

At least they painted the eyebrows on this guy this time. The SDCC version had a case of missing eyebrow detail.

Power Man!

Iron Fist

Again, another rerelease of a previous figure, this time, in half-naked flavor. It’s not all bad. But I think the figure from the Dormammu BAF wave is more superior (mainly coz he has clothes on. lol)

Sigh… the legs are bent on my copy. Sometimes I wish Hasbro didn’t have to pack figures in action poses into tight trays.

The Dormammu wave version came with optional “energized” hands accessories. Too bad they didn’t include that here.

The good news is that the figure still comes with the add-on flames accessories.

Heroes for Hire

Jessica Jones

Finally we come to the only real reason to get this set, Jessica Jones, aka the Superhero Jewel. Her body is a reuse of the Spider-man character Silk body and re-using the unmasked head from the Venom Space Knight wave .

In the comics, apart from her super strength and durability, her powers also included flight.

This character was actually only created back in 2001 by Brian Bendis and Michael Gaydos. Her origins showed she was a classmate of Peter Parker back in high school and had her being exposed to radioactive chemicals (sigh. Again?) in an accident that killed her family.

She later opened a detective agency and dated Ant-man Scott Lang for while before going into a serious relationship with Luke Cage and having their daughter Danielle (name after Luke’s best friend Danny Rand aka Iron Fist).

The two superheroes eventually tied the knot in New Avengers Annual #1.

The Defenders team

Originally the Defenders were comprised of Hulk, Namor, Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer. Through various relaunches of the title, we would see other Marvel heroes joining the team at various points including Wolverine and Spider-man.

This particular version of the Defenders was launched in 2017 based on (the now cancelled) Netflix series lineup.


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