Marvel Legends Deluxe Age of Apocalypse -Apocalypse

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Marvel Legends Deluxe Age of Apocalypse -Apocalypse

His cape pegs onto his shoulder pads.

Based on this big bad guy’s appearance in an alternate timeline where Professor X is accidentally murdered by his time-traveling son who tried to assassinate Magneto. Without the X-men to challenge him, Apocalypse in this timeline is the master of the world.

The figure is a heavy retool of the Build-A-Figure from a while back. It still doesn’t come with a double-jointed elbow, worse, his gauntlets restrict how far the elbow joint can bend.

He also has a pretty decent mid-ab crunch joint.

He comes with a skull for an accessory (and a hand to hold said skull, lol). Not sure if this skull was ever mentioned to be anyone in particular in the books?

For some strange reason, I can’t get the image of Superman out of my head while working on this guy, must be all the red and blues.

I’m holding off doing a group shot with the other Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse guys, as there’s a rumor there will be a wave 2 coming out this year? Let’s see…


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