Marvel Legends Deluxe Blob

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Marvel Legends Deluxe Blob

Frederick J. “Fred” Dukes is a mutant that possesses an extreme amount of pliable body mass. Possessing elastic skin, he has high physical endurance to kinetic damage to the point that bullets and missiles “bounce” off him. He can also alter his personal gravity field so that he can become immovable when he so desires.

While dukes has a high level of invulnerability, he can be concussed when struck with enough force to his head. He is also vulnerable to psychic attacks.

The figure does not feature a waist joint.

Blob stands approximately 8.34 inches tall.

Aside from mass and size, the Blob also has super strength, which seems to be increasing over the years, as a part of his ongoing mutation.

Despite his large appearance, the Blob is also actually quite quick. He moves about as skilled and fast as an average athletic person. This usually catches his opponents by surprise.

Blob from the original 2007 Blob BAF wave

Overall, it’s a great updated figure for one of the more iconic X-men villains. Considering that the old, original Hasbro Blob came out in 2007, this guy is way past due for an updated figure. I wish it came with some extra accessories though, but as it is, I am glad that Hasbro released this figure as a solo release, as opposed to making it a “Build-a-Figure” again.

I was thinking of doing a group shot of Blob alongside his team (Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants), but I’ll hold off until Hasbro gives us a Destiny figure to fully complete the team.


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