Marvel Legends Deluxe Maestro

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Marvel Legends Deluxe Maestro

Maestro is a cruel, remorseless version of the Incredible Hulk from a possible timeline, where a large part of the world’s population (including its heroes and villains) are killed off following a nuclear world war. By pure luck, only the Hulk survived the radiation fallout due to being held captive by A.I.M. and forgotten about during the nuclear bombings. He eventually frees himself and becomes the king of the newly-established crude civilization from the remnants of the war.

The figure reuses parts from the Marvel 80th Anniversary Hulk vs Wolverine 2-pack Hulk.

Sigh.. it’s a shame Hasbro didn’t bother to include proper foot wear for this guy. Usually, Maestro is actually highly intelligent and is seen wearing boots and rarely seen barefoot. Also, I always found the feet of this figure of the Hulk to be small, with the figure tending to tip over due to its small footprint.

Maestro’s long hair can be a bit off-putting since it’s off to the left of the figure.

Lol… it’s not immediately apparent, but he’s actually gritting his teeth underneath his soup strainer.

In this timeline, the Hulk is stronger than ever thanks to being exposed to the post-apocalyptic radiation levels, even without being enraged. This is apparent when Maestro faces off against a younger, time-displaced “smart” Hulk.

This set does not come with much accessories, just extra hands. His arm bands are removable though.

Maestro Smash!!

Overall, a decent set. I was thinking of skipping this guy at first since it just doesn’t quite fully capture Maestro’s “look” (mainly because of the lacking footwear), but then I figured it’s unlikely Hasbro will make another Maestro soon so I gave in and grabbed him when I saw him on the pegs. I don’t think I have any real buyers regrets… yet. lol..


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