Marvel Legends Deluxe War Machine

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Marvel Legends Deluxe War Machine

Colonel James Rhodes is Tony Stark’s best friend and confidant. Originally introduced as a Marine who helped Iron Man out behind enemy lies, he is later hired to be Tony Stark’s personal pilot and later dons the mantle of Iron Man following Tony’s relapse into alcoholism.

After an attack by the Masters of Silence that wore gear supplied by Justin Hammer that negated repulsors and unibeams, Stark created a new battle suit that used conventional heavy weaponry. Later passing the armor onto his best friend, which would be renamed as “War Machine”.

The inner tray makes for a pretty decent backdrop I think.

The figure features a retractable shoulder minigun and missile box launchers that operate on a track, which can be rolled backwards or forwards.

The missile effects part missiles can be removed from the pegs.

The effects piece for the minigun is pretty awesome to look at too.

The figure also sports a forearm mounted cannon weapons system.

More effects parts can be equipped here too!

The set even comes with effects parts for the bootjets!!!

Lastly, we get a Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes “unmasked” head to go with this whole package.

I’ve seen folk use the red shirt ML Netflix Luke Cage buck from the SDCC Subway set as a civilian body for Rhodey and this head. It fits and it’s actually pretty clever .

Altogether now….

Overall, a very, very impressive set. I love all the effects parts and even the Rhodey head is pretty cool! I would probably grab an extra set or two if this ever goes on sale just for the effects pieces. Great stuff!


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