Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave 2019

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Marvel Legends Demogoblin Wave 2019

Velocity Suit Spider-man
Spider-Armor Mark III Spider-man
Superior Octopus
White Rabbit

Velocity Suit Spider-man

One of the new “original suits” introduced in the Spider-man game for the Playstation 4 from Sony. When I first unlocked this suit, I was hoping it would give me the ability to move insanely fast, but sadly, it isn’t how it works. The Velocity suit in the game just provides gamers with the “Blitz” ability, which grants the player an energy field around Spidey and allows him to damage his foes and objects by just merely running into them while the field is active. That’s it… sigh..

The Velocity suit was given a more expansive story in the “Spider-man Velocity” comic mini-series. Set in the same universe as the game, Spider-man creates the Velocity suit to take down a mysterious new opponent (Haley Harvey) who can travel faster than the speed of sound.

While the suit doesn’t exactly ramp up Spidey’s speed to DC Comic’s “the Flash” levels, it does make him move at 1.9x faster than the speed of sound. An unfortunate side effect is that Spider-man burns a tremendous amount of calories while moving at this speed and has to consume a LOT of food to keep up with this level of metabolism.

The suit does have some cool-looking design elements on it and it looks REALLY good during evening or in the dark alley settings in the game, thanks to the glowing spider insignia on the back of the suit.

A “web net” accessory is included to ensnare other figures.

Spider-Armor Mark III Spider-man

First featured in the “Spider-man: Ends of the Earth” comics event, where Peter uses a new armor (the Spider-Armor Mark III) he prepared in advance, while still working at Horizon Labs, in case the Sinister Six ever return.

The armor is designed to counter each and every one of the Sinister Six’s powers, namely:

-Special lenses to see through Mysterio’s illusions.

-“Pink Hippo App”, which allows Spider-man to find Sandman’s “core” grain of sand and override Sandman’s control of what forms he takes.

-Negate Electro’s attacks and even drain him to the point he reverts back to human form.
-Enhanced armor capable of withstanding Rhino’s attacks and even a direct hit from a mind-controlled Thor.

-Fire larger amounts of webbing.

-Heartbeat detectors that can see through Chameleon’s disguises, based off of the hero Daredevil’s abilities.

-The suit even has flight capabilities.

In the Spider-man Playstation 4 game, the suit’s unique abilities for the player are no where near as good as the comic version, as it only grants players the ability to ricochet bullets (except for sniper rounds) back to their source for a limited time. This ability is explained through the use of “semi-liquid smart metal crystallization” in the suit’s Titanium alloy armor plates when activated.

Web effect parts are included, for webbing an opponent in the face.

Superior Octopus

Shortly after the events of “Clone Conspiracy” in the Spider-man comic books, Doctor Octopus was able to steal a perfected cloned body of Peter Parker for himself from the Jackal (a resurrected Ben Reilly). With the new body free of any genetic defects, Otto Octavius proceeds to download his consciousness into the body and begin anew, later on to be recruited by Hydra.

As the Superior Octopus, he leads Hydra’s Avengers team alongside Hydra Supreme (a reality displaced evil Steve Rogers) during the events of “Secret Empire” to hunt down renegade heroes who have yet to give into Hydra’s rule. Hydra’s Avengers members consist of Black Ant, Deadpool, Odinson, Scarlet Witch, Taskmaster and Vision.

Since the body is still a clone of Peter Parker, Octavius still has access to all of Spider-man’s powers (and even some of his strong sense of responsibility). He later gives up his villain persona and decides to become a real hero, working at the new Horizon University under the guise of Dr. Elliot Tolliver. Octavius was even given a “clean slate” by Peter for helping him save his loved ones during the events of “Going Down Swinging”. Unfortunately, he eventually gave it all up when Mephisto offered him a chance to save a boy’s life in exchange for


The wings are pegged into the slots underneath the Vulture’s arms. It’s a little hard to get them in, but you know they’re clipped properly when you feel a click at the end.

Adrian Toomes is an electronics inventor who created the harness for the Vulture gear. After being swindled by his former business partner, Gregory Bestman, Toomes swore revenge and turned to a life of crime.

Aside from being able to provide anti-gravity and flight, the Vulture harness also increases the wearer’s strength (making an elderly Toomes much more stronger than most men) and durability (being able to take on punches from Spider-man’s enhanced strength). The suit’s effects also temporarily lasts for brief periods of time with the wearer after it is removed.

True to the suit’s name, it’s eventually developed to even be able to drain the life-force of the Vulture’s opponents and transfer vitality back to the wearer.

An alternate “Blackie Drago” head is included with the set. Blackie Drago was a two-bit criminal who wound up being a cellmate for Adrian Toomes. He swiped the Vulture gear and adopted the criminal persona for a short while, until Spider-man defeated him as well. Later on, after being defeated and humiliated by an angered Adrian Toomes, Drago swore off ever wearing the Vulture costume ever again.

White Rabbit

Lorina Dobson is an insane, wealthy supervillain who was bored with her mundane married life. After killing her wealthy elderly husband, she creates the White Rabbit identity to commit crimes using gadgets she created with her inherited fortune to spice things up.

The White Rabbit actually has no super powers, but is a skilled martial artist. Her obsession with Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” leads her to create vehicles and gadgets based on the White Rabbit in the story, such as carrot bombs, genetically altered rabbits, killer robot rabbits and even a Bunnymobile.

The sculpting is pretty decent and unique for this figure though.

The effects part for her parasol is actually removable.

Her outfit actually has jet-boots incorporated which allow her to fly.

Because of her bad reputation, unstable behavior and ridiculous appearance, no other supervillain is willing to work with her.


Often referred to as the Master of Kung Fu, Shang-Chi was originally introduced as the son of Fu Manchu (yes, that iconic pop culture, stereotypical Chinese villain, Fu Manchu). His primary style of martial arts is Wushu style.

Lol. Painted nipples.

He comes with a LOT of hands. I think this must be some sort of record for a Marvel Legends figure.

Hmm.. no peg holes in the back?

While basically an ordinary mortal with no real powers, Shang-Chi is a master of chi, making him capable of surpassing the physical limitations of the human body by focusing his chi and the chi around him. He is revered as the greatest empty-handed fighter and practitioner of Kung Fu in the Marvel universe and an expert in almost every type of combat weapon. Even the god Ares, acknowledges Shang-Chi of being able to hold his own against a god.

He comes with his nunchukus, giving him an even more Bruce Lee “vibe” to him. At one point Iron Man even gave Shang-Chi nunchukus capable of firing repulsor blasts during his time as an Avenger.

Easily one of the most sought after figures in the wave, due to this being the first Shang-Chi figure ever, plus the fact that he can easily be repainted into Quick Kick from G.i. Joe and can be incorporated into the new 6″ G.i. Joe Classified toyline as a custom.


Originally a demon summoned to Earth and then fused with the Hobgoblin (Jason Macendale) when the latter asked the demon N’astirh for more power, the demon becomes separated from Macendale after an encounter with Johnny Blaze and Ghostrider. Growing self-aware and independent of Macendale, the demon is now named Demogoblin and begins a quest to kill all he considers as sinners, even holy men, sparing only children, whom he considers true innocents.

It’s a shame Hasbro didn’t include any pumpkin bombs for this guy.

Apart from being able to materialize explosive pumpkin bombs out of thin air, he is also able to create black pumpkin bombs that create feelings of massive despair when they hit their targets.


His glider is actually made from pure hellfire.

Flight stand for the glider.

In the end, the Demogoblin’s twisted sense of justice resulted in his physical form being killed while he was trying to save an innocent child from being crushed to death by falling debris inside a church.

The demon would later resurface, many years later, in the “Absolute Carnage” story arc and be bound to a female host this time, calling herself the “Demagoblin”.

The full wave


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