Marvel Legends Detroit Steel

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Marvel Legends Detroit Steel

Take note of the right arm’s orientation for when you return the figure to the box.

The three fins are attached onto the figure like so.

The Detroit Steel armor was created by Hammer Industries’ Justine and Sasha Hammer as a tool to discredit Iron Man and Stark Resilient as the future of weapons development and replace it with their own company. While the armor may lack the sleek design of Stark’s armors, it more than makes up for it with its raw power and heavy weaponry. Originally piloted by USAF Lieutenant Doug Johnson III. The armor would eventually be piloted by Sasha herself after she kills Johnson to take the armor away from him.

The figure is a heavy retool of the MCU Iron Monger mold from the 2-pack with Obidiah Stane.

To pilot the Detroit Steel armor, one is required to undergo considerable surgical modifications in order to properly interface with the suit’s systems, leaving the pilot with obvious physical deformations.

The figure stands roughly 10.5 inches tall, counting up to the tip of the fins.

It’s also a heavyweight, weighing 641 Grams! Very nice!

When posing the armor, make sure to keep the pistons connected, as they seem to pop out of their shafts easily when over-extended, similar to the Iron Monger. They’re a pain to pop back in when they slip out.


Right-shoulder mounted missile array.

Rotary cannon features optional effects parts you can plug in.

The set even includes “smoking” effects parts. Though I wish it was grey instead of orange.

The chainsaw on Detroit Steel’s left arm is sharp and strong enough that it can even cut through Iron Man’s Bleeding Edge armor.

Overall, pretty good. I loved the heft and bulk of the Iron Monger figure and this is a nice retool of that figure. Articulation is still somewhat limited, admittedly, so that’s a bummer.

I wonder if they’ll revisit this character later, as this look is no longer the current design for the armor after Justine Hammer took over the controls.

This figure was released as a Deluxe Pulsecon Exclusive.


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