Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus & Aunt May

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Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus & Aunt May

Doctor Octopus

Once a kind, noble-hearted scientist, Dr. Otto Octavius was driven criminally insane after an experiment involving cold fusion technology went awry. An explosion from an illicit experiment fused the mechanical arms the good doctor was using to his body, affecting his nervous system and changing his moral behaviour radically.

This figure is based on Doc Ock’s look from the 1990s Spider-man Animated series.

I have to admit I am growing more partial to this “leaner” look for Doc Ock.

Doc’s tentacles are now bendy!! Even better, if you have the older Doctor Octopus figures, the new tentacles can also be equipped on that figure as well.

The tentacles now connect to this pack on Doc’s lower back.

One drawback is that the new arms have smaller, cartoon accurate manipulators compared to the older comic versions’. The also arms come in two different manipulator types (“closed” and “opened”).

Aunt May

Peter Parker’s loving aunt, May Reilly is Peter’s only living relative. After losing Ben Parker, she tries her best to raise Peter by herself despite her age.

I can’t say I’m a fan of the execution of the figure’s facial expression. I know Hasbro was trying to go for a “worried” look for her, but something seems off somehow. I kinda wish they gave her two different heads for variation.

Hostage time!

Choose your ending…?

(In the comics, May once went out on a date with Doc Ock, who was boarding on her home, without Peter’s knowledge.)

Overall, a pretty decent set. I love the new bendy tentacles on Ock and it’s interesting to see this set is mostly made of up all new tooling for both figures. I’ve been joking with my friends for years that Hasbro should make an Aunt May figure just to “complete” Spidey’s supporting cast. I’m impressed they actually pulled the trigger on her. Guess they sure showed me.

Now… what are the odds Hasbro will make an Uncle Ben figure down the road??


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