Marvel Legends Doctor Strange (classic comics version)

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Marvel Legends Doctor Strange (classic comics version)

I grinned when I saw this plastic crown for protecting the cape. Interesting concept here. I wish they’ll implement it for Wolverine’s claws, too, going forward.

As Earth’s “Sorcerer Supreme” in the 616 main Marvel Universe, Doctor Strange is the planet’s foremost expert on all things occult and all things magical. The good doctor is also Earth’s main defense against incursions from other dimensions.

By default, Doc has his “magic gesture” hands plugged in.

Sigh, I really wish Hasbro used some sort of plastic to protect the big, bulky cape from coming into direct contact with the cardback. Bad friction rubs here right out of the box.

Strange comes with the usual Marvel Legends “magic” effects parts.

A really nice head sculpt for the good ol’ doctor. Hasbro did this one right.

Alternate “meditating” head.

You can use a display stand to prop him up like he’s levitating while meditating.

The Wand of Watoomb – Created by the great ancient mystic Watoomb, the wand is used to absorb and store incredible amounts of mystical energy. The stored energy can then later be used with a mere thought by its user to create interdimensional portals, fire energy blasts, generate magical shields and even increase the effects of another caster’s spell.

The Axe of Angarruumus

A 2015 addition to Doctor Strange’s arsenal of mystical artifacts, Stephen found the powerful weapon in a witch’s crypt in the center of the moon. He then proceeded to use it to defend his astral form from being attacked by the Een’Gawori, an extra dimensional race of magic-consuming space slugs.

Lastly, Doctor Strange comes with a masked head from when he wore a different costume way back in 1969’s Doctor Strange issue 177, where he had his identity stolen by Asmodeus. Doctor Strange decided that the only way to protect his identity from being copied or stolen is to start wearing a mask, wait… isn’t his real name Stephen Strange? Ehhh….

While it is nice that they included this extra head, the costume for it does not match this figure (Strange wore a totally different outfit when he donned this mask).

When I’m feeling blueeee…

Overall, a pretty amazing set. Folks have been asking for a proper classic comics-look Doctor Strange for some time and Hasbro finally delivered. It comes with a lot of stuff and I have to say, it’s one of the best solo releases in the line thus far. The figure is a Walmart exclusive in the US.


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