Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Rintrah Wave

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Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Rintrah Wave

Doctor Strange
America Chavez
Karl Mordo
Astral Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Master of the mystic Arts, Doctor Stephen Strange uses all that he’s learned from Kamar Taj to defend the Earth from all threats spiritual and multiversal.

I think I like this head sculpt of Benedict Cumberbatch the best so far. It really outshines the previous versions.

For this figure, Hasbro glued the Eye of Agamoto onto the body.

New details on his belt too.

Same as always, his skirt blocks most leg articulation below the waist. Sigh…

Strange doesn’t come with a right closed fist this time, and the Cloak of Levitation doesn’t peg into his back. It just hangs on his shoulders. Not really liking this new approach to the figure.

Doctor Strange does come with alternate “magic weaving” hands though.

Lastly, the good doctor comes with all-new, alternate “magic effects parts” hands.


Formerly the librarian of Kamar Taj, Wong eventually becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme following Stephen Strange’s “death” five years ago when Thanos did the “Snap” with his Infinity Gauntlet. As Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, Wong has mastered new abilities and powers since we saw him last.

After so many appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we finally, finally get a Wong figure.

The figure has a lot of ornate tooling going on, which is really impressive.

Same as with all skirted Marvel Legends figures, the legs are just immobilized underneath this layer of plastic.

Wong’s waist joint is actually on a ball joint, so you can move him more dynamically even with the thick waist band.

Wong comes with his sword, conjured from Eldritch Magic.

The likeness of actor Benedict Wong is very, very spot on.

Wong comes with the same “magic effects parts” hands that came with Doctor Strange in this wave.

For some reason, the left is smaller is than the right? Is that how it was in the movies too? I never noticed.

America Chavez

A young girl with the ability to open portals across the multiverse, America Chavez requires Doctor Strange’s help to stop a malevolent entity from capturing her and using her powers to travel across different universes.

Nice detailing on her jacket.

While the headsculpt is decent by itself, it doesn’t quite capture the look of Mexican-American actress Xochitl Gomez IMHO.

It’s a shame the figure doesn’t come with much accessories aside from spare hands.

Karl Mordo

A former prized student of the Ancient one and former friend of Stephen Strange, this version of Karl Mordo is the Sorcerer Supreme and a member of the Illuminati of an alternate universe.

Unlike Strange and Wong, Mordo doesn’t come with any fancy “magic weaving” hands this time around. The likeness of actor Chiwetel Ejiofor is pretty good. His forehead features some streaking paint, which is intentional (I think?) to show some loose strands of hair.

Baron Mordo comes with a crossbow.

Heh, this figure gives me “monster hunter Van Helsing” vibes.

He also comes with his preferred weapon, the Staff of the Living Tribunal.

The Staff of the Living Tribunal can extend to become a bo staff and it even become a chain-linked weapon similar to a flail or s whip. A very versatile melee weapon.

Astral Doctor Strange

As Master of the Mystic Arts, one of the things Stephen Strange learns early on at Kamar Taj is splitting off his spiritual form from his mortal body, allowing him to continue studying while his body sleeps or when he needs to fight creatures from another realm.

The figure is a clear recast of the Doctor Strange figure that came out in the Spider-man: No Way Home/ Armadillo wave.

I actually don’t recall the astral form being used anymore, if at all, since the first movie. Hmm..

Comparison with the new Doctor strange costume.

For the life of me, I can’t remember where this lamp accessory came out in the movie? Was this an early concept that was dropped in the final cut?

Just like the previous “astral form” Doctor Stranges in the Marvel Legends line, this is the weakest and most unwanted figure in the wave.


Created by the “Dweller-in-the-Darkness” to act as its agent while it was banished from Earth, D’Spayre is a demon that feeds on the fear and anguish of others. He can also cast illusions for tricking his victims.

The figure doesn’t come with much, just spare hands.

I used a third party display base to prop up the figure to make it look more interesting.

While D’Spayre possesses superhuman strength and invulnerability, he can be physically harmed once he is cut off from the source of his sustenance.


Sleepwalkers are guardians of the Mindscape, a dimension in the minds of living things. They serve to prevent the escape of horrors from the Mindscape into the minds of sleeping humans. Rick Sheridan accidentally creates a bond with one such Sleepwalker. While Rick sleeps, the Sleepwalker can enter our world and fight alongside other heroes to keep the peace.

I really like the colors on this guy. I think it must be the green. We rarely get any green-colored heroes in the Marvel Universe outside of Hulks.

One of Sleepwalker’s unique powers is the “warp gaze”, whereby he can use his vision to alter the physical appearance and attributes of any object to suit his needs, even air. While he can also use his “warp gaze” on living beings, his race has sworn never to do so, as it would cause incredible physical and mental pain on the individual.

Sleepwalker also has the ability to enhance the psychic and mental abilities of his allies, such as Professor X and Doctor Strange.

Once again, using a third party display base helps add dimension to a figure with flight-based abilities.

While he has the ability of floatation-like-flight, he has to use his “warp vision” to change the density of air to propel himself faster. Sleepwalker’s strength is also connected to his distance from the ground. The higher he flies, the weaker he becomes. He is at his full strength when he is on the ground.

Sleepwalker also cannot stay too long on Earth, as he needs to return to the mental plane to regain his energy. Prolonged stay on Earth could possibly kill him.


A Master of the Mystic Arts and apprentice at Kamar Taj, not much is revealed about this character, as he mostly appeared only the background and didn’t do anything to stand out. In the comics, he’s an extradimensional being from the planet R’Vaal, where his people resemble green-skinned minotaurs.

For a Build-a-Figure, Rintrah isn’t that tall.

His tail can be rotated around.

Keeping him standing can be tricky at times, as his hooves are smaller than an average figure’s feet.

Rintrah comes with alternate “closed fists”.

Same as with Doctor Strange and Wong, the skirt just gets in the way of proper articulation below the waist.

Due to his alien physiology, Rintrah is stronger than an average human. He also has high aptitude for magic, having the potential become as powerful as Doctor Strange. He also has the ability to cast illusions for disguising his true appearance and is a quicker learner than most human Masters of the Mystic Arts.

The full wave


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