Marvel Legends Drax the Destroyer and Moondragon

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Marvel Legends Drax the Destroyer and Moondragon

Drax the Destroyer

Arthur Douglas was an ordinary human killed by the mad Titan, Thanos, to prevent his spaceship’s discovery. The Titan, Mentor, and his father, Kronos, capture Arthur’s spirit, erase his memories and place it in a new, nearly indestructible body. Renamed Drax the Destroyer, Arthur becomes a champion solely created for the purpose of killing Thanos.

The body reuses parts from the Caliban Build-a-Figure.

Since the buck is from old Caliban, we get single elbow joint with pins.

I love the fine details Hasbro worked into the belt and cape.

Apart from having a nearly-indestructible body, this initial version of Drax is also able to fly into outer space without assistance or the need for air and water (they later changed his appearance and powers into what we know today).

Since the figure’s base is from a BAF, Drax is big, standing at about 8 inches tall.

The set comes with an alternate angry head for Drax.

Aside from his immense strength, Drax is also able to fire powerful concussive blasts of cosmic energy from his hands.

While incredibly strong, due to his creator, Mentor, giving Drax a mindwipe, Drax lacks any deep, tactical thought. Basically making him similar to the Hulk, but without the baggage of rage.

When Drax joins Adam Warlock’s Infinity Watch, he becomes the guardian of the Power Gem.


Heather Douglas was once an ordinary human and the daughter of Arthur Douglas (Drax), after being adopted by Thanos’ father, Mentor and trained by the monks of the planet Titan, she develops her body to its full potential, both physically and mentally.

It’s a shame uses the older female body design. So we only get single elbow joints here.

Too bad her outfit isn’t based on her classic costume (it’s too “skimpy” for kids by today’s standards). Hasbro decided to go with this rendition of her costume, supposedly based on the modern “Avengers Alliance” video game design for Moondragon.

At least we still get her “chest window” with this outfit redesign.

Due to her top-heavy cape and somewhat small feet, she tends to fall back quite easily. So be mindful of this when you pose her.

Pinless knees and single jointed elbows

Trained by the monks of Shao-Lom, Moondragon is a master martial artist.

Apart from her physical skills, she is also a powerful telepath. So strong is her ability, she is able to induce mental illusions, erase specific memories and she is even able to mentally enslave an entire planet.

Moondragon is also able to fire bolts of psionic energy as concussive blasts from her hands. It’s a shame the set doesn’t come with any effects parts to showcase this.

Later on, when she joins Adam Warlock’s Infinity Watch, she fittingly becomes the guardian of the Mind Gem.

Father and daughter.

Overall, A pretty decent, colorful set. I would’ve preferred it if they gave us Moondragon in her “classic” costume so we can have a proper Infinity Watch setup, but I get why Hasbro decided to tone down her outfit.

However, I really wish Hasbro included more items with their ML two-packs. Just simply packing extra hands doesn’t justify their crazy prices anymore. Sigh…


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