Marvel Legends Emma Frost 2019

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Marvel Legends Emma Frost 2019

Based on her appearance in the Marvel Now Comics, Emma Frost dons a new costume joins Cyclops’ new mutant resistance team after the events of Avengers vs. X-men.

Regarded as one of the top five most skilled telepaths in the Marvel Universe, she can broadcast her thoughts through global distances, control minds and implant memories and even switch minds between individuals.

She regards her revealing uniform as a weapon, which she uses to give her a psychological edge against her opponent.

Oof… those shoes look mighty uncomfortable. Emma Frost prefers to wear high heels, to compliment her attire.

Apart from being a telepath, it is also hinted that Emma is a latent telekinetic, with Jean’s help, she was able to generate force fields and gained the ability to fly. She is also able to turn her body into diamond form, in which she gains incredible strength and invulnerability and even has no need to breathe air.

Aside from looks, Frost also possesses a keen intellect, being an expert on medicine and electronics. She also owns and runs several multibillion-dollar conglomerates.

Lastly, the set comes with an alternate head with short hair.

Hats off to the Hasbro sculpting team, we’ve definitely come a long way from their first attempt at making Emma Frost.
From the Annihilus series.

From the Puck series


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