Marvel Legends Endgame Armored Thanos Wave

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Marvel Legends Endgame Armored Thanos Wave

Ebony Maw
Living Laser
Citizen V
Thanos (Armored)


In the comics, Ronin was an identity adopted by several Marvel characters, originally used by Maya Lopez (Echo) when she joined the New Avengers, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) later on also used the Ronin identity with Maya’s blessing to join the New Avengers. In the MCU, Clint used the identity to find purpose in life when he loses his family to Thanos’ “snap”.

His hood is removable.

It’s too bad they decided to include the Endgame Hawkeye head from the 2-pack with Black Widow. I just couldn’t pull the trigger on that set. Oh well….

He comes with two swords but only one sheathe.

Ronin comes with swords that are intentionally uneven in size. The swords when used in tandem are called Daisho, meaning “big-little”, giving the samurai (aka swordsman) more versatility in combat. The shorter sword is called the Wakizashi and used for close quarters combat or to behead an opponent.

Ronin also comes with an alternate left hand that’s throwing ninja shuriken.

I’m surprised Hasbro invested tooling into this hand. I wonder if we’ll see this again down the road?

The coat can actually be removed (thanks to Miguel Luis Gomez Pigao for the headsup on this). Do note it is VERY hard to remove the jacket, I don’t recommend doing it repeatedly, otherwise the material might tear.

Even though the main body lacks paint (needs more gold lines on the torso) and would require more screen-accurate forearms, it still looks pretty sharp once you put on the Hawkeye head from the Endgame 2-pack with Black Widow. I wonder if Hasbro will release a perfect “Endgame Hawkeye” figure down the road?

Ebony Maw

One of Thanos’ most trusted generals, Ebony Maw is a member of the Black Order and possesses a genius-level intellect, telepathy, telekinesis and even mind control.

Sadly, the figure’s range of motion is a bit limited due to the skirt design.

He is very tall and also, lanky, but despite his non-muscular appearance, he is very, very dangerous.

The figure stands roughly 7.5 inches tall.

Like the rest of the Black Order figures, he easily towers over humans.

The Living Laser

Arthur Parks started out as a scientist who tinkered with wrist-mounted lasers and later, diode implants and would often clash with the Avengers. His physical body is later destroyed when the implants overloaded. Parks then gains a body made of pure photons, with which he can manipulate to create 3D holograms, project powerful energy blasts and even travel at the speed of light.

He comes with energy effects parts.

The Living Laser is a member of the villanous group called the Lethal Legion, other notable members include the Grim Reaper, Whirlwind, Batroc the leaper.


Kyle Richmond was originally a supervillain that joined the ranks of the Squadron Sinister and did battle against the Avengers. The team was loosely based on DC’s Justice League of America, namely Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern in particular. Nighthawk has since reformed and is on the side of angels now.

The huge cape plugs into the figure’s back.

As Nighthawk, Kyle takes a serum that grants him increased strength and agility from dusk till dawn. His uniform grants him the use of jets under his cape and melee claws on his fists. He also uses various projectiles from his suit in his war on crime.

In case you missed it, yeah, he’s the Marvel version of Batman, one of them anyway (Moon Knight is another).

Bird-themed Batman …

….. or a rich, billionaire Wolverine? Take your pick.

Funfact, DC Comics actually also has a Nighthawk character, but he’s a Cowboy.

Citizen V

Following the events of the Onslaught crisis, where the majority of Earth’s heroes were sucked into a vortex and vanished, Helmut Zemo comes up with a plan to conquer the world, by creating heroic alter egos for his band of Supervillains to win the hearts and minds of people, naming the team “The Thunderbolts”. Unfortunately for him, the plan works too well and his crew later embraces their new heroic roles for real, they turn over a new leaf and rebel against him.

His sword can be sheathed into the loop on his belt.

Heh, why doesn’t Captain America wear a flag cape like this?

Other notable members of the Thunderbolts include Blizzard, Songbird, Mach-1, Moonstone, Satanna, Luke Cage and many others.


Strongest of the Olympians, Hercules was introduced as a rival for Thor and usually appeared as a constant guest star in the Thor and Avengers books back in the early days. Here, Hercules is given an updated costume in the more modern comics.

His weapons can be sheathed on this back.

Hercules! Hercules!

Herc comes with two melee weapons, a sword and mace. I’m not sure if these are magical in nature? The previous Hercules figure came with an Adamantine mace.

Admittedly, the new Hercules figure is a bit shorter compared to the previous classic costume Hasbro release, but he is still taller than the current garden variety Marvel legends figure, so it is passable.

He’s still a good 7 inches tall.

Thanos (Armored)

Obsessed with bringing a sense of balance to the universe, Thanos makes it his life’s mission to cull the universe’s population in half, thereby allowing enough resources to sustain those that remain.

He’s really tall! Hawkeye’s barely up to his nipples… assuming he has any.

Thanos stands roughly 8.25 inches tall.

His melee weapon is included with this set.

Last but not least, he comes with the completed Infinity Gauntlet.

The MCU Black Order

With Armored Thanos, we can now finally complete Thanos’ gang.

It’s too bad Hasbro never got around to making Chitauri figures for folks to army build around these guys, that would’ve been awesome.

Thanos in the MCU was an impressive and interesting villain, kudos to Disney and Marvel for making the entire Infinity Saga a worthwhile, 10-year trip. I hope the next installment of the MCU won’t disappoint though. It’s going to be hard to follow up what they’ve already accomplished, let alone try to top it.

The “not-quite-complete” wave. This set was never released at mass retail in Manila for some reason. So I had to grab this from Amazon piecemeal instead. I decided to pass on getting quantum suit Captain America since it didn’t have a BAF piece and was a pretty unimpressive figure, so he’s missing from the group shot. As I had to purchase this from abroad, it took a while for this set to arrive and even longer while to get to take photos of this set due to the nature of my work (lol, it’s already May 2020 as I write this. Sheesh time flies).


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