Marvel Legends Excalibur 3-pack

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Marvel Legends Excalibur 3-pack

Shadowcat and Lockheed.

Katherine Anne “Kitty” Pryde has the mutant ability to “phase” through objects by controlling her own atomic particles as she moves. Though this process does not allow her to breathe, so she can only phase through objects for as long as she can hold her breath. Aside from her powers, she is a skilled pilot and has gained martial arts skills.

Following the events of “Fall of the Mutants” where the X-men are thought to be dead after their battle with Adversary, Kitty is recruited to join Excalibur in Britain.

As Kitty was relatively still in her early teens during the events of Excalibur, this figure is correctly designed to be a bit shorter than the usual Marvel Legends female figure.

She comes with her pet alien dragon, Lockheed.

Lockheed is able to understand human speech, but rarely speaks himself. He prefers to communicate through his mental and empathic bond with Kitty.

Attaching Lockheed properly is a bit tricky; you more or less have to tuck his tail underneath Kitty’s hair to hold him in place.


Meggan Braddock is the wife Brian Braddock (aka Captain Britain). She is a powerful mimic who can shapeshift, even alter her mass at will, as well as copy any superpower in known existence.

I dunno… I find that smile creepy as heck…

She doesn’t come with much, only spare hands for her accessories.

I wish she came with a flight stand or something to make her more interesting. I decided to use a third-party stand to prop her up.

With her husband.

Captain Britain

Gifted with superpowers by Merlyn, Brian Braddock becomes the champion of Britain. As Captain Britain, he gains the powers of incredible strength, speed, durability and supersonic flight. Brian is also a brilliant physicist.

I can’t say I like the execution of his kneepads (boot cuffs?) here. After so many years, is this the best the design team can do??

The figure comes with an alternate “bearded” head. I think the bearded look is the more contemporary version?

After the fall of the X-men, Captain Britain forms Excalibur with fellow heroes Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Meggan and Rachel Summers (Phoenix III) to honor the X-men’s sacrifice.

For accessories, he comes with extra hands and the Sword of Might (aka Excalibur).

Some fine etching details here.

Overall, a pretty good set. We’re now only missing Rachel Summers to wrap up the original Excalibur team. Hopefully it will happen soon.


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