Marvel Legends -Face Off series

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Marvel Legends -Face Off series

Series 1
Captain America and Red Skull
Captain America and Baron Strucker
Daredevil and Kingpin
Hulk and Leader

Face off series 1



Captain America and Red Skull.

Definitely the best Captain America figure(and Marvel Legend toy, IMHO) yet!

With the “Ultimates” Capt.

With the variant “unmasked” Steve Rogers and Baron Von Strucker, the chief of the terrorist orgainzation “Hydra”. Von Strucker comes with his mechanical right arm called the “Satan Claw”.

Kingpin and Daredevil

“Unmasked” Matt Murdock

Hulk and Leader. Hulk is really nice and big, looks very much like Lou Ferrigno from the classic “The Incredible Hulk” live action TV series.

Series 2
Punisher and Jigsaw
Ironman and Mandarin
War Machine and Mandarin
First appearance Wolverine and Sabertooth



Ironman and Madarin

Variant Warmachine and “unmasked” Mandarin

Glad to see Toybiz actually put a “mustachioed” James Rhodes in the Warmachine.

Punisher and Jigsaw:
I guess we can call this “First appearance” version Punisher since it looks a lot like it(down to the pointy chin). Jigsaw was captured and brainwashed into thinking he was the Punisher, thus the apperance of the costume.

Variant, modern costume Punisher and tuxedo wearing Jigsaw.


Funfact: Back when he was popular, the Punisher could fight Wolverine and Captain America to a draw, but I think they changed that nowadays..

First Appearance Wolverine and Sabertooth


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