Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Super-Skrull Wave

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Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Super-Skrull Wave

Doctor Doom
Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)
Invisible Woman (Sue Richards)
Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
The Thing (Ben Grimm)
She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

Doctor Doom

The absolute monarch of the fictional country of Latveria, Doctor Doom is one of the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous villains. Aside from possessing genius-level intellect, he is also a master sorcerer, capable of summoning blizzards and even pull off dimensional travel.

Despite his status as one of the world’s most famous villains, he does strictly follow his own honor code. He always abides by his word, although he has a certain way of twisting it so he maintains his advantage.

Since Doctor Doom is the leader of his country, he also has international diplomatic immunity, hence he can escape arrest for whatever he’s done while outside of his country.

You gotta love the tooling on the figure, the texture looks almost like real fabric.

Lol… personalized holster.

He comes with his “Broomhandle” Mauser pistol. Now supposedly, the idea here is that, even though Doom is insanely powerful, he still carries this sidearm to dispatch lowly enemies which he finds unworthy of using even a fraction of his power on.

I love the way you can see his eyes through his mask.

Doom’s armor also allows the ability of flight. Impressively, the sculpting team included boosters on his body to reflect this.

Lastly, the set comes with an optional “classic-look” head.

While Victor Von Doom is extremely powerful, despite all of his advantages, his greatest weakness will always be his arrogance.

Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)

The leader of the Fantastic Four. Mister Fantastic possesses genius-level intellect and has created countless awe-inspiring inventions. He also has the superhero ability to stretch his body into any shape or form.

His modern look in the comics has him sporting a beard, instead of his usual “clean-shaven” look. Not bad I guess.

The figure features some new tooling for his feet, but they kind of make it hard for the figure to stand properly IMHO.

Reed only comes with a pair of “stretchy fingers” hands for accessories. Not really impressive.

“Who wants a hug?”

“Keep away from me, Richards!!”

Despite being incredibly smart, Reed Richards is actually only the third smartest character in the Marvel Universe, he ranks below his daughter, Valeria Richards and Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette), a half-human, half-Inhuman 9-year old girl, who is the smartest person in the Marvel Universe.

Invisible Woman (Sue Richards)

No idea who the artist here is, but he/she sure drew Sue looking like a lady in her late 50s. Not one of the most flattering of drawings of Sue I think.

Possessing the ability to turn herself and objects around her invisible, Susan Richards is Reed’s wife and teammate and is the first female superhero created in Marvel’s Silver Age of comic books.

Aside from having the ability to render things invisible, she can also create powerful force fields.

She comes with her force field accessory.

It plugs into her fingers. Not sure if this will cause her fingers to warp over time though.

Susan is often regarded by Doctor Doom to be the most powerful member of the quartet because of her force fields, which can crush almost anything if she so wills it.

Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

The frat boy “jock” member of the group, Johnny is the younger brother of Sue Richards, despite his best intentions, he often causes trouble for the team as its resident hothead.

Johnny doesn’t come with much, mostly just flame effects for his hands.

You can try attaching the effects piece meant for the Super-Skrull but it just kinda sits there and doesn’t really clip on.

The Thing (Ben Grimm)

Reed Richard’s best friend, Benjamin Grimm was once a handsome, decorated pilot before his looks were forever changed when the team was exposed to cosmic radiation. As the Thing, Ben has incredible strength and durability, capable of going up against the likes of the Hulk for a limited time.

The figure has very good balance despite its heft.

Even before his change, Ben always had a gruff demeanor.

The figure is a retool of the previous Marvel Legends Thing figure, but this time sporting a new belt and a new head sculpt.

“It’s clobberin’ time!”

She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

Cousin to Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Incredible Hulk, Jennifer Walters gained the power of Gamma radiation when she was critically injured in a car crash and received an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin, transforming her into the She-Hulk.

While the figure’s color looks very bland, the sculpt and tooling are actually quite good! It’s a shame this isn’t her usual iconic superhero costume look.

Similar to her cousin, Jen becomes stronger the more angrier she gets. However, she does retain more control over her actions compared to her cousin, even being able to practice law while in her hulk form.

She-Hulk is actually quite impressive, she’s as tall as Ben.

Not bad, but I think I’ll still go for the She-Hulk figure from the A-Force boxset as my default She-Hulk, since that one still looks more iconic compared to her grunge look here.


Genetically modified to be the ultimate Skrull, Kl’rt has all the abilities of the Fantastic Four, along with the ability to shape-shift and even mind-control his opponents by looking into their eyes.

The flame effect can be clipped on the left arm.

The Super-Skrull can actually use all four powers at the same time.

Thanks to the genetic re-engineering, Kl’rt’s fantastic powers are greatly augmented, surpassing those of the Fantastic Four. It was only thanks to Reed’s genius that the team was able to defeat the Super-Skrull the first time.

Comparisons with the Walgreens Exclusive Fantastic Four figures.

For fun, you can also swap the heads on Susan, I think I actually prefer the heads like this.

You can also swap Johnny’s head onto the Torch body.

The Thing in this set doesn’t come with extra head or hands, sadly, unlike the Walgreens one.

The newer head looks better though.

Marvel’s First Family of Superheroes.

The full wave


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