Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Vintage Series High Evolutionary

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Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Vintage Series High Evolutionary

Herbert Edgar Wyndham is a genius human geneticist. He creates a machine called the “genetic accelerator”, which forces its subjects to quickly evolve in a short period of time. After a near fatal event, he is forced to use his creation on himself to survive and he evolves forward by a million years, becoming a god-like being.

As a result of his own self-experimentation, the High Evolutionary has gained god-like powers, such as the ability to evolve or devolve targets at will, enhanced strength, energy and matter manipulation, even telekinesis and telepathy. He can also alter his size and hold his own against Galactus.

His suit is also a scientific marvel itself, as it can heal the High Evolutionary of any damage he sustains, no matter how critical, as well as provide protection from powerful attacks.

While occasionally viewed as a villain, due to his tampering with genetics, the High Evolutionary is usually written as a complex character, ranging from benevolent benefactor to mad scientist with no regard for the negative consequences of his experiments. Ultimately, his goals are for the pursuit of the greater good.

Overall, decent. Another classic character added to the collection. Like Psycho-man, I’m just glad to get this figure solo without having to go through buying a whole boxset just to get him. I do wish he came with some accessories and not just extra hands though.


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